Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu getting beaten on his butt by masterji’s stick. Vibhu is very hurt and anguri laughs. Everyone go and doctor comes near vibhu. Anguri says vibhu I was just doing a mischief and it was so funny looking at you beaten. Vibhu says what? You did this? And how can you even do such a mischief and I was beaten so badly. Anguri laughs. Doctor says vibhu should I help you and I am a doctor. Anguri goes laughing. Vibhu says oh shut up idiot. And you are not a doctor at all and you are just a stupid baba who is being a doctor in front of everyone and you are fraud. Vibhu goes angrily. Doctor says vibhu your day will come see.
At night at home Tiwari goes near anguri in bedroom and anguri is sitting and saying what happened? Tiwari says nothing darling and its time

for romance and not sit like this. Anguri says no not so easily. There vibhu tells anita lets romance but anita smiles and says no. then a song starts abhi nahi abhi nahi, zara karo intezaar. Tiwari and anguri are dancing and anita and vibhu dance together In bedroom. Then anguri and Tiwari switch off the lights and then go into the blanket. There vibhu and anita go inside the blanket. Suddenly vibhu says anita switch of the lights and he removes the blanket and ses anita standing outside the bed and saxena was with him inside. Vibhu freaks out and says saxena what are you doing? Saxena says romance with you , and he says I like it. vibhu slaps him. Anita laughs and says this was just my mischief and I was being naughty. Vibhu says what? Are you crazy? And is this a type of mischief you do? There Tiwari is in bed with tilu and he gets up and freaks out and tilu hugs him. Anguri laughs and says I was doing a mischief. Tiwari scolds anguri and says what is this? You dumb boredom woman. Anguri laughs.
There vibhu slaps saxena and gets up and goes. Outside on street Tiwari and vibhu are standing and spitting. Vibhu says what happened to you? Tiwari says what do I say? And this anguri is a totally boredom woman and she wanted to do a mischief. So while romancing I switched off the lights and inside anguri told tilu to come and I had to kiss that cheap filth. Vibhu says what? Tiwari says what happened to you? vibhu says same like that and anita instead put saxena under the blanket and I had to do same. Tiwari says these women have become very mischievous and naughty. Vibhu says yes and they have to do something. Happu comes and tells anguri and anita have played pranks on many people. Vibhu says yes something has to be done. Vibhu says then I have a plan but for that we need you happu. Happu says okay I am there to help.
Next morning at home anguri and anita are there and happu singh comes saying anita Bhabhi are you home? anita tells anguri happu singh is coming and I have a prank in mind and lets play that. Happu comes and anita says sit. He sits. Anita says welcome happu singh and what do you want? Tea or coffee? Happu says tea. Anita says anguri come and she says I will make tea and come. They both go in kitchen. Happu calls vibhu and tells he is up for the plan and they come soon. Vibhu says okay and keeps phone. Suddenly anguri comes out running and says anita don’t do this. Happu gets up and says what happened? Anguri says anita has got a mental attack and she is coming with a knife to kill you. happu says what? And anita comes with knife and goes near happu. Happu circles the dining table and says don’t do this anita please and I have kids and wife. Anita says you take bribe and I will kill you. suddenly happu starts acting and does acting of heart attack but his head actually hits the dining table so he falls down unconscious. Anita and anguri scream and anita says what did this happen to him? Anita says what did I do and we just played a prank. Vibhu and Tiwari come and they boht also act and come and say what happened to him? Anita says actually I was playing a small prank and hapu got a heart attack and he fell down. Vibhu says what? Are you mad and crazy? Tiwari says yes what have you both done? Vibhu says now get more naughty and see what you both have done. Anita and anguri are scared and anita says I am sorry and I did not know something like this would have happened. Tiwari and vibhu wink and then scold both anguri and anita. anguri is crying and says I will never forgive myself. Vibhu says anyway keep quiet now and today night me and Tiwari will go and dump his body. Vibhu and twiari drag happu singh and take him. Anguri and anita are scared.
At night vibhu and Tiwari take happu singh on their shoulders and vibhu says wow that was nice acting by happu singh and tiwari says both of them got scared and now they must have known what it is to play such stupid pranks. Vibhu laughs and says wake up happu and why isn’t he waking up? Happu falls down. Tiwari says damn, is he seriously dead? Vibhu says are you mad and shut up. Doctor comes and says what happened? Tiwari says doctor juts check him and he is not waking up. Doctor checks and thinks happu is just unconscious but I will teach vibhu a lesson today and let him know how insulted he felt. Doctor tells you both are dumb and he died. Tiwari and vibhu both get scared and vibhu says but how? And he was just acting. They send the doctor. Vibhu and Tiwari bring happu to the front of vibhu’s house. Vibhu says this is all because of anita and that stupid prank of hers and happu would not have acted. Tiwari says don’t blame her. Vibhu says did I play the prank? She did. Tiwari says its because of you only. Vibhu says shut up please just shut up. Suddenly commissioner’s car comes. Tiwari anmd vibhu are shocked.

Precap: Tiwari tells commissioner that happu is just drunk and he met us today. Vibhu says yes and he said lets have some drinks so he drank entire bottle but now he became unconscious from that. Commissioner says I will teach him a lesson tomorrow morning but now keep him in my car I will drop him home.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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