Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita sitting in her bedroom on the bed at night and is saying vibhu has become so boring and is not romantic at all. Vibhu comes up. Anita says hi. Vibhu says goodnight and sleeps. Anita says what are you doing and get up. Vibhu asks what happened and let me sleep. Anita says he has become very un romantic and what has happened to him? Vibhu says nothing. Anita tells she want him to become the way he was during college days. Vibhu says what? Anita tells you be like that naughty spicy man who used to be during college days. Anita is saying lets see what you can do now to spice up their life and hwo will he become naughty? Anita looks at him and asks does he have any suggestions? Vibhu is sleeping. Anita feels angry and hopeless.
At night tiwari is speaking

with a man and saying he is going to start a business for which he has to stay awake at night. He ells he will earn a lot of money in that and will remove that tag of underwear from his head. He keeps the phone. Anguri hears all this. She ask what are u planning to start that works only at night? Tiwari says he will not tell now but when he will start he will tell her dad that he is not a undergarment man. Anguri feels happy and says that is good.
Next day morning, anita comes out for jogging and sees that something vulgar is written against her on the wall. Its written that she is a s*xy spicy angry cat. Anita gets angry and thinks vibhu must have written it and calls him. She tells him why did u do this? Vibhu says he hasnt done it and belive him. Anita says you have done it as yesterday night you heard me saying naughty. Tiwari comes and says what has he done again? Anita says see this. Tiwari says he told before this man is not good for her. Vibhu tells u shut up. Anita tells vibhuvto shut up and clean it and anita goes for jogging. Vibhu comes out and slaps tiwari on his ass and tells him that as if he is good and he makes his wife work all day long. Tiwari says atleast he doesnt write such things about his wife and goes. Vibbu getes angry but cleans the wall.
In the town, people have assembled and are taking photos of a wall on which written is that ‘i will make your nights colourful and call me for gulfam kalis programme, gulfam kalis personal assistant manmohan vulgar’. Tika and mallhan take manmohan meaning tiwaris number and happu singh comes. He tells everyone to go and tells tika and malkhan to go. They say this is a useful thing for u. Happu singh slaps them. They go. Happu singh then gives a cunning smile and takes that number.
At home tiwari is getting calls for gulfam kalis programme. Tiwari gets annoyed and tells everyone on phone to get lost and he is not doing any such business. Happu singh calls him and speaks in a different vouce, tiwari tells he is not that man and someone else has written about him and tiwari tells happu singh that he knows who has done it and he keeps the phone. Anguri hears all this and comes crying and tells tiwari that she knows what business he is starting which works only at night. And he is doing gulfam kalis programme. Tiwari tells no heis not and vibhu has written all this and lets go at his house. They go. Tiwari and anguri sit. Anita comes out and vibhu is sitting there. Tiwari tells all that vibhu has written and says this is not good at all. Anita tels vibhu what is this vibhu and why have you done this joke and this is not good. Vibhu says hehas not doneit and believe him. Tiwari tells anita that first he wrote about her and now he has written all gulfam kali stuff about him. Anguri says vibhu must have not written this. Tiwari says he has. Anguri says did he see him writing? Tiwari says no. Anguri says did anyone else see him writing? Tiwari says no. Anguri tells then he has not written that and someone else has done this. Tiwari says lets go and we will do something. Vibhu says to anita that anguri believes him and you dont. Anita tells she knows he has only written it and dont lie. Vibhu says what should he do and cut his throat? Anita says yes and go cut it. Vibhu goes in and comes out and asks anita whether she wants coffee or tea. Anita says coffee and he goes.
In the lawn, anguri is watering the plants and by mistake a pot falls down and she goes to pick it up. She picks and sees thete is written about her that she is a lady cow and boredom anguri bhabhi. Anguri gets shocked.

Precap: anguri tells anita that lady cow and boredom anguri bhabhi was written on the wall about her. Anita laughs in her mind. At night vibhu is in auto covered with blanket and says he wants to know who writes all stuff on the wall. He sees a man writing all this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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