Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with happu singh arresting Tiwari. Anguri and all people are on street. Anguri says no he cant do this and he has not killed anyone. Vibhu and anita come. Vibhu says he cant kill a mosquito and how did he even kill a human? Happu says yes I know he cant kill a mosquito but he has killed a human. Vibhu says oh my god and this cruel man throw him and beat him, anguri says what are you saying vibhu? Anita says shut up vibhu and asks Tiwari have you seriously killed someone? Tiwari says yes I have killed and I will kill one more and Tiwari looks at vibhu. Vibhu goes behind. Anita says take this man happu singh. Happu singh takes Tiwari, anguri goes behind Tiwari crying saying no leave him. Anguri is sleeping and it was a dream and anguri is in dream saying leave him. Tiwari

says what happened? And wakes her up. Anguri says I saw a bad dream that you killed someone and you are being arrested. Tiwari laughs and says I have never killed a mosquito. Anguri says I know and its 4am in the morning and I should call mom and tell her about this. Tiwari says no go to sleep, anguri says I cant I will feel restless. Tiwari says go sleep. Anguri says don’t go anywhere tomorrow otherwise you may kill someone. Tiwari scolds her and she sleeps.
Next day anguri is in hall and says mom will come then it will be better. Vibhu comes and says how are you? Anguri says I am fine, vibhu says you look troubled. Anguri says yes actually I had a dream. Suddenly mom comes and says anguri you called me I came and pandit told me to do a solution. Mom says what are you doing here jobless and don’t you have work>? Vibhu says I just came to meet anguri, mom tells get lost from my house go now. Vibhu goes. Tiwari comes down. Mom says anguri told me about her dream and pandit ramfal has given me a solution to that. Anguri says wow yes tell the solution. Mom says actually pandit said that if Tiwari does a crime and goes for 2 or 3 days in jail then your dream may not come true otherwise you may seriously commit a crime and go for a year or 6 months. Anguri says oh my god then Tiwari think of a crime. Tiara says yes I am thinking. There vibhu hears it all and says I will put you in jail for 2-3 years.
Anita is watering plants and Tiwari comes. Anita says what happened? Tiwari says actually I wanted to ask you something. Anita says what? Tiwari says if something happens that someone very close to you does a crime and goes in jail for 2 or 3 days then what impression will you have about him when he comes back? Anita says I will not even allow him to stand in front of me and even if its vibhu I wont talk to him. Tiwari gets scared and screams. Anita says what happened and tell me is anyone In this? Tiwari says no I will go and he goes. Anita says sometime she thinks Tiwari is a nutcase.
At tea stall, happu singh is drinking tea and Tiwari comes. Tiwari says I want to ask you something. Happu says yes ask. Tiwari says I want to know for what crimes can someone be put in jail for 2 or 3 days? Happu says if you tease a woman then you may go for 3 days in jail, Tiwari says oh no that’s not good and tell some other crime. Happu says if you beat up your wife for the very first time then youmay go for 4 days. Tiwari says no he cant beat anguri, happu says what? Tiwari says nothing say something else. Happu says if you slap some government officer than you may go for 3 days. Tiwari says that is good and he slaps happu 2 times. Happu gets angry and says why did you slap me and I will put you in jail for doing this. Tiwari says as if I am scared and put me in jail. Happu says come on you fag lets go. Vibhu comes and interrupts and says happu its okay leave Tiwari please. Tiwari says what is your problem and I want to go to jail and let me, vibhu cries and tells happu please leave him this time please and I am sorry from him. Happu says okay man keep him to yourself and he goes. Tiwari says what is your problem and suddenly so much care for me? Vibhu says suddenly my heart is loving you so I saved you. Tiwari is angry and goes. Vibhu laughs and says I will put you in jail soon for a long time.
At home anita and vibhu are sleeping when Tiwari enters anitas balcony and looks at anita and says this woman looks so beautiful when sleeping but this vibhu is a monkey and doesn’t suit to live with her. Tiwari says anyway I will do what I have to do. Tiwari goes and opens the cupboard and takes a gold necklace box and then drops it. anita and vibhu get scared and get up and switch on the lights. Anita says Tiwari you are robbing at my house? Tiwari says yes I am. Vibhu is smiling. Tiwari says what will you do? There anguri sees and is happy. Anita says look at you and I can call the police and put you in jail. Tiwari says yes do it then. Anita is taking phone when vibhu says no need to put him in jail and its okay forgive him for once, Tiwari says what is your problem and I want to go to jail. Anguri there asks what happened? Anita says I am sad to tell you that Tiwari was robbing at our house. Anguri says what? Then put him in jail. Anita says yes I should call the police. Vibhu says oh please don’t and he is our neighbor and people will not give him respect. Tiwaris says I don’t want any respect and I want to go to jail. Vibhu tells anita that see he is mental and he is so desperate to go to jail and he has gone mad and let him go. Anita says you are right and he is mad. Anita says Tiwari I am forgiving you and go home now as you have gone mental. Tiwari says you don’t try to be a doctor and call the police and I want to go to jail. Anita says look at this man how he is talking and he has lost him mind. Anguri says what is happening and let him go to jail. Anita says go home nowand tells vibhu you call mental hospital. Tiwari says okay leave it and he keeps the necklace and goes. Anita says this man has lost it. vibhu says yes and smiles.

Precap: commissioner is standing with gulfam kali in morning and talking. Tiwari says I bet he will surely put me in jail. Tiwari takes grease and puts it on commissioners face as he is talking.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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