Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhuti saying that i ll celeberate 15th dec as funeral day n make it memorable for anita. He says now this gift for anita is not needed so i ll return the gift n throw money on prem’s face. Vibhuti goes to angoori n asks did she ask anita? She says yes. Vibhuti asks angoori but she keeps mum n she acts out n tells him that anita gave her tiwari’s promise not to tell anyone about it. He guesses this right n She then acts about roshan uncle’s b’day but he misinterprets it as baby n anita being pregnant. She says no n says i am acting but u are not getting it only n gets fed up n goes. He says as it is i onow it i was just checking u. The doctor comes to anita n says i am going to be dad for the 5th time n on 15th dec function is there so

please come. She gives him a lecture on increasing population due to people like him in india n says that on 15th there is a function even at my home. He says ok n says i ll go i have more work. He tes tiwari that hia bhabhiji is pregnant so come for the function on 15th dec n goes. Tiwari gets sad hearing the news of anita being pregnant which he misunderstands. He cries n says that vibhuti being jobless did this n he dint do nice. Vibhuti comes n sees him n whistles. Tiwari says what have you done? Why did u do this? He says that i would have given you job as you are jobless. But why did u do this? Vibhuti asks what did i do? Are you mad? Tiwari says yes u only did everything n when did this happen? Vibhuti says are u mad what did i do n what are u talking about? Tiwari says u know it very well. Vibhuti says i think you have gone mad n u need to visit a psychologist. Tiaari asks shich month is going on? Vibhuti says u dont know? Tiwari says u should be knowing it, vibhuti says that 12th month is going n he goes. Tiwari says 12th month? But it doesnt look like 12th month n says that till 9th month all the work is done. Tiwari goes home n starts crying n sings tadap tadap k iss dil song n cries. He says why u did this bhabiji? U r too young to handle a kid n this is your age to play n eat not handle kids n cries. Angoori comes n asks why are you crying n what happened? Tiwari says nothing n says that i was missing ammaji. She says wait i ll call her here. He says no need to call her here i am not missing her so much. He then says that i got to know that anita is pregnant so on 15th dec her godh bharai is there so get all the things of godh bharai. She thinks that he got to know the wrong news n its her uncle’s b’day but how to tell him as i am being a promise of tiwari from anita. She thinks i ll tell him by acting it out n he will understand it. She tries to tell him but he takes it wrong n says oh so even u want to eat something n says come we will also get a baby n takes her up forcefully. Anita asks vibhuti why did he come in the bedroom n says i told u not to come here unless u remember what is on 15th dec. He says i remember so i have come here n says u will see my surprise on 15th dec itself. She says ok then u can stay here till 15th dec n if u dont remember then get out from home the next day but stay in hall not room. He says ok n that day u will apologize to me seeing the surprise. She says i have complete doubt that u dont remember it. He goes. Anita says that did angoori tell him? She says no she wont i gave her promise n says maybe he has remembered that its her uncle’s b’day. Next day anita is very excited n talks to someone on phone that u come to that hotel the party is there. Vibhuti comes n says so u came? He says yes n gives a speech on the memories of the dead people. He says nevermind n calls the people inside to cry n saxena n malkhan along with few other people cry loudly. She goes n slaps them n asks vibhuti whats all this? He says your grandfather died on 15th dec right so maatam for him. She says no its my favourite uncle’s b’day. He gets sad n looks at her. She says i am happy today so wont say anything but tomorrow take your bags n leave. He says ok. Angoori n tiwari come with baby’s all accessories. Tiwari says congrats to anita for being pregnant with a heavy heart. He says this is all for godh bharai. Anita n vibhuti look at him being stunned n tiwari asks what happened angoori n angoori again acts to him that anita gave her his swear.

Precap:- Tiwari is talking to phulmati who was his proposal earlier n says u rejected me n angoori stands n hears their talks. Anita asks vibhuti the password of his phone n he saya shaki aurat n she saya this is the password? She says in your mobile in groups who is this sheetal?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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