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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri watching television, and starts dancing on Bhojpuri songs, Tiwari sees her dance n says what are u doing, anguri says I love Bhojpuri songs, u too join me, Tiwari says no no I don’t like dancing n all put in news n go n watch ur songs in laptop, anguri aays OK n puts on news, the reporter says that a kidnapper has skipped from police hand, Tiwari says god how did he run away, reporter says due to happu singhs negligence n his habit of bribes has made this possible lets see what happu Singh has to say, happu Singh says I had caught him n on my way to police station he said he had to go toilet n so I let him n he ran away, reporter says but we heard he bribed u, happu Singh says no I didn’t do u see I’m injured, I was injured while following the goon, reporter says

let see what commissioner has to say, commissioner says we regret what happened n special force is behind the goon n so he will be caught, Tiwari says ok come darling lets go n dance.

Vibhuti uneasy with gas problem, Anita asks Vibhu what’s wrong why are us out, Vibhuti says gas it’s making me uneasy, Anita says I told u not to eat so many nuts, Vibhuti says plz I need silence n not lecture so plz leave, Anita says no I won’t, Vibhuti says no stay here but at ur own risk, Anita says oh no n rushes in n closes door, the kidnapper near Vibhutis house, happu Singh following him to catch Him along with an Hawaldar.

Vibhuti near tea stall still uneasy the kidnapper hides near tea stall Vibhuti unaware of it, Vibhuti farts n the kidnappers faints, Vibhuti says oh no who is he, happu Singh says wow Vibhuti he is Birju the kidnapper n very dangerous goon, Hawaldar says sir I will tell commissioner sir that u caught him very good Vibhuti sir.

Next day, commissioner visits Vibhutis house along with happu Singh, Malkha n tikka see them n are surprised, Malkha says tikka what must be the issue, he says looks like commissioner is here to arrest Vibhuti, doctor says what must have happened, Malkha says god know looks like very serious matter, Vibhuti Anita n commissioner with happu Singh come out, commissioner announces we are proud of Vibhuti Mishra n in the name of such brace personality a hand of applause everyone, tikka says sir what did he do, commissioner says he caught Briju, we had lost Birju due to happu singhs negligence but thanks to Vibhuti Mishra we caught him back, Malkha says unbelievable, commissioner says I appoint Vibhuti Mishra as the head officer if this area, happu Singh says n what abt me n my 9 children and pregnant wife, commissioner takes off happu singhs stars n says u are Hawaldar to Vibhuti Mishra.

Vibhuti in uniform walks with happu Singh behind him, n dances on dabang song, anguri sees them, Vibhuti shows off his uniform in front of anguri, anguri asks did u take part in any play, Vibhuti says happu tell bhabhi abt me, happu Singh tells abt the whole story.anguri says wow how brave is this,Vibhuti says happu Singh is now my personal Hawaldar, happu give some water to bhabhiji so plants, happu Singh says only happu why , Vibhuti says cmon don’t argue with me n bhabhiji how do I look, anguri says very handsome n I’m happy to see u, Vibhuti says happu come lets leave.

Anita tells minal abt Vibhutis bravery story n say sim so proud of him, Vibhuti enters, Anita says I will call u later my dabang is here bye. Anita adores Vibhuti and then looks at happu Singh n makes faces, Anita says I’m so happy I always thought u can do nothing but u wow I’m impressed, Vibhuti says yes let’s have an coffee, Anita says ok get one, Vibhuti says I’m officer now, Anita says n I’m still ur wife, Vibhuti says ok happu make us coffee, Anita says ok happu no sugar for me go now, happu Singh says u too, Anita says go n wash the utensils too, Vibhuti says n yes dust the house too, happu Singh says the have taken me as their personal maid now.

Anita says Vibhu how are u feeling, Vibhuti says it’s a win win situation u see very happy, Anita says I’m very proud of u and remembers Vibhu never

Precap : Tiwari says bhabhi which donkey made him officer, Vibhuti says u are arrested for insulting an on duty officer n calling the commissioner a donkey, happu Singh drying clothes says he is the new I charge now, Tiwari says oh god.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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