Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari at home thinking no one can see me. He goes to anitas house and says is anita there. Anita is on the sofa. Tiwari goes and says why cant u see and hear me? Anita does not respond and tiwari says why arent you talking. Anita says to herself again smell of rat is coming and says i need to spray. Tiwari says yes its coming from me but anita sprays in air and his face and ignorss him. Minal calls and tells she saw vibhu with prem and he was playing cards. Anita says what and i will see him when he comes home. Vibhu comes home. Anita asks him why were you with prem? Vibhu says why? Anita says you act too smart and she takes a pillow but tiwari is in the middle and she hits him. Tiwari shouts but anita hits. Then anita brings stick and hits tiwari with it and tiwari

screams and then goes.
At night tiwari is on sofa. He gets a call from anguri. Anguri says hiw are you? Tiwari says fine and asks you can hear my voice right. Anguri says yes and tiwari says everyone is doing a joke with me and they are ignoring me. Anguri says dont worry and i will come in few days. Tiwari keeps phone and says i will do something tomorrow.
Next day at tea stall tiwari goes and speaks but tika ignores. He says ohh i am invisible and slaps tika but tika ignores. Tiwari slaps again. Happu singh comes on scooter and ignores tiwari. Tiwari pushes happu singh on the scooter away. He again slaps tika.
At home he goes. There tika and happu singh go to anitas house. They tell her about this and tell he is hitting us. Anita says sorry and says iw ill see what to do. They both go.
At home the party takes place of tiwaris dad. Everyone ignores tiwari and party continues.
At night anita asks vibhu to romance and tells him to touch her. Vibhu says ok baby and goes in the balcony. Tiwari is there. Vibbu comes back and says to anita not now and his mood is gone. Anita says why and says no he has to romance her. Tiwari peeps in. Anita looks and then says ok not now and sleeps. Tiwari comes and sleeps in the middle and anita and vibhu feel awkward but say goodnight and they sleep. Next day tiwari gets up and goes in the bathroom. He gets ready and goes down. He takes anitas hand and says hey fair woman give me some breakfast to eat. Vibhu is unable to control he comes and takes tiwari by his collar. Tiwari laughs and says yes i caught you and says i knew you people were doing this joke and i did it too. Vibhu says it was very bad. Tiwari says he felt hurted too. Anita says you told your friend that we are dependent on you so i did this. Tiwari says please forgive me i will not do it again. Anita says no. Tiwari says then i will stay here in that room. Vibbu says baby forgive him. Anita says ok and dont do it again. Tiwari says ok.
Next day he comes as vibhu is mopping the floor. Tiwari comes and tells you are literally a servant in this house. Vibhu says no. From behind actor arjun kapoor comes and tells no why do only woman have to work. Arjun tells even men should work and as the wife is earning so the husband shouls take care of the household stuff. Vibhu says thanks and you are the first man to support me. Everyone sit. Anita comes and welcomes arjun. Anita tells he is kabir and is the most wanted househusband. Vibbu says what? Arjun says yes because i work at home and my wife earns. Arjuj says he washes his wifes feet and does all household work for her. Tiwari says i could happily do that for anita. Arjun takes tiwari in a side and tells i know what you are upto and i see you. He tells stay away from anita.

Precap: arjun asks anita to dance with him and they all dance togethere on a sing from the movie Ki and Ka for which arjun kapoor had come to promote.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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