Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,listening tat amitabh bachan has come chedilaal runs outside and along with him anguri,anita,vibhuti and manmohan goes out and then they all see the real amitabh bachan and anita says to anguri to go and take amitjis auotograph and she runs to take it and there are manmy more people to see amitji and amiti gives autograph and anguri gets happy and hugs manmohan and then the car leaves and anita asks vibhuti y did he lied and then chedilal gives his wig and says tat he will come tomorrow to take clothes for washing and vibhuti tells anita tat he lied because he saw anguri is such a big fan of amitabh bachan so he did all this and he says to anita tat once u said to me a lie told to make someone happy is ok and anita says when did I say tat and by doing all this u have

hurt anguri and anguri says tat no no instead I m very happy as I got amitjis autograph
Vibhuti nest day geets up and calls anita and says tat he will make tea for her and then he hears a vegetable seller calling to sell bhindi he runs towards him helds bhindi in hand and says tat my love bhindi from past 7 years I have not eaten u and then the seller says tat this is ladies finger not lady and then vibhuti sees anita and runs inside and also tells the seller to go run and then anita sees the seller with bhindi he sees anita and asks her to buy some bhindi anita gets very angry and says to him u cannot sell bhindi u can sell a misile but not bhindi and then seller says tat madam missiles don’t grow in field bhnidi does and then anita gets angry and slaps the seller and warns him if she sees him selling bhindi again she will hit him and enters her house and she looks very irritated so vibhuti asks her to cool down and gives her a massage and then she tells him tat she saw a bhindi seller and hit him and ask him to please go and say him sorry vibhuti then leaves
He then stops the seller and says him tat anita has sent him to say sorry and then asks him to bring bhindi tomorrow the seller says no as anita will hit him and vibhuti then asks him to call out a code word as laila ki ungli he will understand the seller first says no but vibhuti says tat if he doesnot bring it he will hit him and then thinks to go and meet babhiji and when opens gate bumps into manmohan and he gives burp and vibhuti says stop polluting environment and manmohan tells tat today anguri prepared bharwa bhindi and it was very tasty so these burps and vibhuti gets happy to hear tat bhabhiji has made bhindi today and then both leave for their work after tiwari goes vibhuti enters in his house
Anguro is talking to amaji and tells her tat she has prepared today bharwa bhindi and manmohan liked it very much and she has given it to ladu in tiffin also and then bell rangs and its vibhuti anguri then tells amai tat its vibhuti their neighbor and anguri says tat he is good person not bad person and hangs up and vibhuti then asks anguri to give him bhindi barwa to eat as he also likes it and anguri says tat its over and vibhuti gets upset and he tells anguri tat actually he has nt ate bhindi from last 7 years as anita hates it and anguri asks y does she hates bhindi and vibhuti tells tat once her father was blamed of stealing bhindi and so she hates bhindi from tat day and after their marriage once his mother madhe bhindi for him anita saw it and asked me to not to eat and he said tat he ate because his mom feed him and anita then says to her mother in law tat its his khachedus promise to her if she feeds him bhindi and from tat day he has not ate bhindi and then vibhuti request anguri to make bhindi for him and also asks her to not tell to anita as she may get angry and anguri agrees vibhuti says tat he will bring bhindi and leaves
Next day the vegetable seller comes selling vegetables and calls the code word for bhindi and vibhuti comes out and takes the bag of bhindi from him but suddenly comes anita and vibhuti keeps the bhindi bag on next compound and anita comes and tells tat its this seller as yesterday I hit him and then the seller says tat uu can check he has not bought bhindi today anita checks and then buys other vegetables comes out panditji from his house and sees the bhindi and thinks anita has given it for the rituals of dead people and he asks to give him some flour also and anita says wat is he saying and vibhuti tells panditi tat the man near by is calling u for some pooja and hpandit leaves and vibhuti says to anita tat he talking nonsense and then anita asks him to give the seller money and give 20 rs extra as she hit him vibhuti gives money and they leave and seller start shouting the code word and anita wonders wat is he saying and vibhuti says tat he must be talking about sime vegetable and they go inside
Vibhuti comes near anguris window she is singing song and he comes and gives her bhindi and asks her to prepare bhindi and keep here near window at 8.30 pm he will take it and she says ok and u don’t have to worry and vibhuti cries and anguri asks y r u crying and he says tat he is getting very enotional as he is gonna eat bhindi after long time and he leaves .anguri says tat vibhuti has become very emotional.

Vibhuti comes out at 8.30pm to take tiffin and anita comes out and says to him tat lets go inside and have dinner as she has made turrai and saxena then smells the flavors and stopd near the window vibhuti sees saxena there and gets worried.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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