Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti on call says u are jobless, dare u call me or else will hire t u to death,keep the phone,Anita says Vibhu is this the way to talk,Vibhuti says this man with wrong number calls me n then says oh u are the Vibhuti the jobless,Anita says he isn’t wrong,Vibhuti says he is insulting ur husband n u,Anita says what wrong did he say,I need a proper husband,Vibhuti says divorce me n get a husband as u wish.anita says I even may,Vibhuti says as u wish n leaves and Anita says God why did I get so angry now who will wash utensils n clothes.

Tiwari on call scolding tilu n says go back to shop n dare u take a off,n calls anguri in anger n says go get me breakfast,anguri says here u go samosa,Tiwari says u want to kill me why give me samosa everyday by increasing my cholesterol,anguri

says u loved them n why so angry now n why yell on me,Tiwari say show dare u back answer me,anguri says u scold me without any reason so even I will back answer,Tiwari says I won’t eat n leaves,anguri says why did u get so angry poor Tiwari.

Tika says malka no new hot girls in town,malka says no use we don’t get any girls,Vibhuti walks to them at tea stall n says don’t u have work,Tika says is this ur fathers place that u question us,Vibhuti slaps them n says how dare u,Tiwari comes n says yes how dare u,I hate u two n that happu Singh n slaps them,happu Singh walks n says u called me irritating n slaps Tika malka,n says u two useless men,Vibhuti slaps Tika malka n says u called us useless,happu says yes u are hit Tika malka n leaves,Vibhuti says God this anger n hits them again no ays my life is a stress,tiwari says u are right n says lets go.

Anita sees anguri n says hi,anguri says hi how are u,Anita says not God,tough life,anguri says what,Anita says I get so angry easily,anguri says Same here,Anita says this stress,anguri says any solution,laddoo comes there,anguri says eh never take stress,even when he doesn’t fail,laddoo says yes this time I failed thrice,Anita says how nice but how do u stay so happy,laddoo says I hear songs for stress buster,Anita says nice see he gave us an idea music will help us distress,anguri says nice n leaves with laddoo.

Tiwari comes home n says this tilu made 20000 loss God,anguri places song n starts dancing,Tiwari puts off music n says get lost from here,anguri says I’d is this to calm u down,Tiwari says u made me more angry,anguri says but Anita told me this will distress n plays music again n starts dancing,Tiwari says are u and,can’t u see I’m not liking it,anguri says close ur eyes n listen to song n u will love this song,Tiwari walks out n anguri follows him,Anita says Tiwari what is this why are u getting upset she is helping u right,Vibhuti says he doesn’t value women,Anita says stop anguri u tell what happened,anguri says I used music to calm him down but he scolded me,Anita says bad Tiwariji I told her to do so,tiwari says oh u told her,Tika n malka stop by n listen to what Anita says.

Anita says this whole city is in stress,happu says u are right this stress is killing everyone,Saxena starts laughing,Anita says Tika malka even I are in stress,they say yes,Anita asks n Saxena,Saxena says no I never take stress,Vibhutis ays bcoz he is mad,Saxena says bcoz I’m singer n so use music to distress,Anita says good,now everyone will sing while talking,everyone likes this idea.

Everyone begins their day with music,Saxena sings song,everyone sing while doing their respective routine. Anguri in kitchen cooking n singing sing,Vibhuti walks to her,n speaks to her inform of song,saying she is so beautiful like her cooking,n says bhabhiji looks like u liking Anita’s idea of singing while u speak,anguri says yes whole night me n Tiwari where singing n I loved it.vbhuti says he is so bad in singing,anguri says no no he sings very nice,Vibhuti says try sing with me n u will love it,anguri says why u don’t like Anita’s singing,Vibhuti says yes she does sing but she doesn’t has ur touch,anguri says I didn’t exactly get u.

Vibhuti says bhabhi u never get what I say, I was saying u sing good,anguri says means,Vibhuti says like u go well with all notes,anguri says ok ok,Vibhuti says ok I shall leave now,anguri says ok bye.

Precap: Tiwari in musically tells Anita that his shop isn’t doing well,Anita say sthen plz leave look after ur shop.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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