Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anita appoints herself as beggar association manager.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu packs his bag and says I’m sure Anu is gonna throw me out,Anita asks what is this,Vibhu says I know you will throw me away so,I packed in advance,Anita says yes I was going to but if you fate says you have to beg how can I stop you,let me explain,every man has his own talent,and in you it’s beggar,you are a born beggar,and I couldn’t understand,I was wrong,Vibhu asks what should I do,Anita says I’m very impressed,so tell me is this since childhood,Vibhu says yes,in childhood when I wanted to see movie I use to beg for money and college days also I use to beg for money for the gifts,Anita says I’m very happy,and I appreciate,you have found yourself,Vibhu says you aren’t upset.

Anita says no I support you,Vibhu says so we will together,Anita

says no I meant I will manage your money,Vibhu says that’s Great,Tiwari walks in and says divorce papers are ready and your name is Vibhuti ahoti Mishra right,Anita asks whose divorce,Tiwari says yours,Anita asks what why is this,Tiwari says because he is begging,Anita say so don’t have any problem it’s his art,talent,I have no problem and if you do shift your house,Vibhu says yes get out,Tiwari leaves,Vibhu says baby you nailed it,Anita says it’s your begging time go.

Vibhu goes to Anguris house,Anguri says beggar how do you enter,Vibhu says it’s me your love,Anguri says laddoo,Vibhu says don’t you recognise my voice it’s me Vibhuti,Anguri asks I learnt about it,why are you begging,Vibhu says everyone begs,for job,for love,for Money and if I’m begging what’s wrong,Anguri says how true,you are so correct,Vibhu says look I’m not hiding this is my true sense,an dim proud to be a beggar,Anguri says I’m proud of you,may you rise in this business and when people think of beggars that reminds of you,Lal over the world may you be popular,may your name be written in gold in books of beggar and let me get yesterday’s stale food,from now onwards I will do this and leaves,Vibhu say sinshoukd leave.

Vibhu training Tilu tikka malkhan,Anita says unclean people sit down,and so now tell me your collections,tikka says 500, Anita says work harder poor performance.your look is so promising improve your target is 5000, Tilu says mine is 2000, Anita says good,malkhan says mine 200, Anita says what,malkhan says all scold us that you look so good,why don’t you work,Anita says plaster your body,poeple should pity you,Vibhu says baby my collection 10,000,Anita says I’m so proud of you,see I knew it you are a born beggar, the best.

Tiwari walks in and says I feel so bad,these people are beggars but you,Anita says it’s business,Tiwari says I feel like committing suicide,Vibhu says go then,anita says please don’t waste our time,Tiwari leaves and uncle walks in and says is that true that you are in beggar business,Anita says yes,uncle tears papers,Vibhu asks why did you,uncle says your aunty has sealed all my accounts I have no money,what will I do now,Vibhu says join us.

Uncle and Vibhu begging,Vibhu says you have good experience,Uncle says in London I begged initially then built the whole empire,uncle and Vibhu begging,Tiwari comes and slaps uncle and says sorry,uncle says it’s ok,Tiwari says I feel so bad that bhabhiji is stuck with beggars like you,Vibhu says better than you who sells bad products,uncle says she is his wife let them sort,is she your sister that affects you.Tiwari leaves.

Tilu tikka malkhan walk to them and says it’s sunny there we need change in location,two more beggars and come this is our gang location get out,and they get in quarrel. Tikka Tilu malkhan Vibhu and uncle all hit badly,Anita says wow I love this look,you look a complete beggar now,Vibhu asks what do you mean,Anita says the sympathy factor will increase with this look,and collection will be increased,Vibhus ays your husband is injured and you are worried about collection how heartless,uncle says she is just like your aunty,Anita says it’s business cmon go beg,tikka says it’s so painful,Anita says great show this pain,Tilu says bhabhiji but other beggars will hit us,Anita says every business will have rivals,don’t be scared and hide we shall fight,uncle says they hit very badly,Vibhu says yes we won’t.

Anita says you chose the profession on your own,you want back off,on news it is informed that police are behind all beggar gangs because crime is increase because of them and so I request if you see any beggars nearby inform police,Tiwari and Anguri walk in wishing happy Diwali and with a gift,Anguri asks what’s wrong with these beggars,Tiwari says let’s go out celebrate,why stay with beggars,Anita says okay begging cancel let’s go.

Tikka says laddoo where are the crackers,let’s burst them,laddoo says no crackers,this increase pollution,Anita says very good laddoo,happy Diwali,cmon Vibhu smile,Vibhu says my mood is off,Anguri says have these ladoo happy Diwali.all celebrate Diwali and wish each other.

Pre cap : tikka Tiwari Vibhu and Saxena together,Saxena says this article says praise any women and she will be in his pocket and so they say women are stupid.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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