Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari saying vibhu wont do this again. Vibhu goes out and saxena calls him again, vibhu says on phone this time I wont tease anguri now at all. Saxena says hold on and listen what u have to do, he tells. Vibhu says what and I cant do this. Vibhu says okay, he looks at the tulsi plant, there Tiwari tells that vibhu wont do anything again. Vibhu is behind Tiwari, he comes and puts all the dirty wet mud on tiwaris face and then says I am really sorry. Tiwari is shocked. Vibhu puts on more mud and goes. Tiwari is angry. Anita and anguri are scared.
At night at tea stall, the same girl comes again at happu singh telling that guy again teased me. Happu says who is that tell me? Girl says when I go to school that guy teases me. Happu says you are In school? Girl

says yes I am in 5th std and failed 10 times. Happu says oh my god. There vibhu is behind watching, saxena calls and tells go and slap that happu singh, vibhu says no please, saxena says go now otherwise I will release the video. Vibhu says no I will slap him, he goes and slaps happu singh. Happu singh says which mosquito was there on my face this time? Vibhu says nothing and goes. Happu is shocked.
At home at night in the lawn, vibhu is crying and says who is this useless man who has destroyed my life and has brought me down in everyones eyes even in front of my wife and my love. Saxena calls vibhu, vibhu says it is that man, he takes the call and says what else do I do and you have left me for nothing. Saxena says I forgive you and now go and ask for forgiveness from everyone. Vibhu says you haven’t left me of that caliber to ask for forgiveness. Saxena says there is a lot of power in forgiveness and go now. Vibhu says thanks and says please delete that video you made. Saxena says okay. Vibhu goes at anguris house and then says I am sorry really sorry and please forgive me. He says you hit me with chappals and sandals and shoes but forgive me. Tiwari hugs him and forgives him and anguri too.
There anita in the room says that I am not going to take vibhu in the room again. Vibhu comes and says please take me in and I have realized my folly. Anita says no sleep in the hall, vibhu says sorry and says if u don’t take me in then I will bang my head on this door and kill myself, vibhu bangs his head. Anita opens the door, vibhu falls at her legs and asks for forgiveness. Anita says okay I forgive you and says go get ready and we will romance, vibhu goes.
Next day at tea stall, happu is sitting with the girl, she says that day she saw there was no mosquito on his face. Happu says no there was and vibhu cant slap me like that and he cares for me otherwise I would have bashed him. Vibhu comes, happu covers his face. Vibhu says I am sorry for whatever I have done and he touches his feet and asks for forgiveness and he wont do that ever again, happu says okay and forgives vibhu and says if u do that next time you will go to jail. Vibhu says okay and goes. Happu tells the girl see he is scared and he wouldn’t have slapped me like that. Vibhu goes when saxena calls him again, vibhu says why did he call me? Saxena says go and slap happu singh now, vibhu says but u forgave me. Saxena says do as I say, vibhu says okay and goes and slaps happu singh again and goes away saying sorry but thought of giving u a slap. Girl says it was a mosquito, she goes.
At home anita comes home and Tiwari welcomes her. Anguri comes too. Anita says actually I wanted to give u some good news. Anguri says yes say it. Anita says yesterday vibhu came to ask forgiveness and he fell at my legs and asked for forgiveness. Anguri and Tiwari say he came here too and we forgave him. Tiwari says actually we have become attached to him since a year. Anita says yes thank u. vibhu comes and anita says see my good boy is here. She says he did good he asked for forgiveness. Tiwari says vibhu you are my brother my neighbor. Vibhu says yes excuse me, he gos and puts on dirty wet mud again on tiwaris face, Tiwari is shocked. Anita and anguri are shocked, vibhu says sorry. Vibhu then starts teasing anguri and says red tomato and I am teasing you. Anguri is sad and angry. Anita says how dare you vibhu and I am standing here and u are teasing anguri, vibhu eats the chewing gum. Anita sees and runs away with anguri and Tiwari upstairs. Vibhu is crying.

Precap: vibhu tells anguri that somedays back he was going and he saw a beggar and gave him his shirt. Anguri says wow you are so helpful and kind. There tilu is crying and says a builder threw me out of my house and I am nowhere to live now. Tika says live with vibhu, vibhu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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