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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dad taking back the fir. He then gets to know vibhutis truth. He shouts him. Then he goes to anguri and tells her that he is going nd if she has any problem then tell her. Anguri says ok and dad goes .
At anitas house in the morning, vibhuti and anita are sitting on the dining table. Anita tells vibhuti to listen to her. Vibhuti says since 7 yrs he has been listening to her. Anita smiles. Then she tells him that her friend minal and her husband are going to a honeymoon trip and its so exciting. Tiwari just comes and hides outside the door to listen to them. Vibhuti then tells anita that he remembers that when they had gone for their 4th honeymoon at panchgani then he had fallen into a river and where he went for 10 days he doesnt know and thereis no memory

about that which he remembers. Anita says yes. Vibhuti says whta happened then i want to know. Tiwari overhears this and decidesto play a game with vibhuti.
In the afternoon tiwari goes and keeps a letter at the doorstep of anitas house. He knocks and goes and hides. Anita comes and sees the letter. She then reads it. It says that a woman named sundari has written the letter for vibhuti. Ut says that the 10 days when vibhuti had come in that village she remembes that she was once bathing in the river and had only a towel wrapped to her and that time vibhuti camefloating unconscious. But he did not see her in the towel. She then took him to her house. She remembers the 10 days when every night vibhuti was with her in one house and he left a mark on her body. Letter says that he had promised to return but did not come back so she wrote this letter. Anita gets angry and shocked. She calls vibhuti. Tiwari who is listening to this hidden is laughing. Vibhuti comes. Anita shows him the letter. He reads it. While reading he looks at her face many times. It shows disgustment. She then is standing there in anger. Vibhuti says he has not done anything like this. He tells that he doesnt even remember what happened. Then tiwari decides to go there. He goes there and asks what happened. Vibhuti tells him that they are having a personal talk. Then tiwari tells why is anita angry. Anita says nothing and in anger she goes away. Vibhuti thinks that if tiwari gets to know then he will tell the whole town. Vibhuti and tiwari go running behind anuta. Anuta goes and is locking herseld in the bathroom. Vibhuti starts crying like a kid and as his hand gets stuck in the door he says let me take my hand out and cries by the name of mom. Then tiwari says that he doesnt need to cry and that anita will come out. Then vibhuti tells tiwari that she wont because she had once tried to kill herself by hanging to the fan. Tiwari then starts crying like a kid and tells anita to come out and bangs the door. Vibhuti looks at tiwari. Then anita opens the door and looks at tiwari and she says that she is not a woman who will die by hanging to the fan. She is a woman who can put her husband on the fan hanging. Then she tells vibhuti and tiwari to get out.
Vibhuti aska anguri to let him stay in their house. Tiwari says no. Anguri says let him come as if this would have happened with him then even anita would have taken him in the house. Tiwari then lets vibhuti in.
At night vibhuti goes covering his face to see anita. Anita is speaking with her friend minal and is telking her the truth. She keeps the phone. Vibhuti comes and says he has not done everything. Anita tells him that she does not believe him. He swears on her. Anita says that ofcourse he will swear on her because he wants to kill her. Then vibhuti takes hi swear. Anita then believes him and is going to end the topic when tiwari calls. He tells anita that the whole day vibhuti was at their house and their ration almost got over. Then he tells anita that he told vibhuti the whoke day that anita must be hungry and go and telk her sorry but vibhuti said he will not and that it is very easy to make anita back to normal as she is stupid. Anita keeps the phone. Vibhuti aska what happened. She tells him to get out. Tiwari laughs at his house.
Vibhuti goes out of the house. He speaks to himself that what the hell is this and that on every problem anita throws him out of the house and that he has not got any respect. Pelu on the rickshaw sees him and smiles.
Next morning anguri is watering the plants when she sees vibhuti sleeping with pelu in the rickshaw. She goes wakes up vibhuti and asks why is he sleeping with pelu. Pelu hugs him. Then vibhuti telks that anuta threw him out of the house again. Anguri calls anita. Vibhuti speaksto himself that anita doesnt even come on calling so many times and here anguri is so worried about him and says to himself that what name will be given to this relation. Pelu smiles in sleep. Anita comes. Anguri telks her she has done wrong by throwing him out of the house. Then anita tells anguri what he had done. Anguri says still she should not do this. Then anits asks anguri whta would she have done if tiwari did this. Anguri thinks and vibhuti expects a reply.

Precap: another letter is received by anita and it says that vibhuti and sundari are now having a 5 yr oldkid. Vibhuti says this is all a lie. At tiwaris house anita and anguri look at tiwari astounded. Tiwari asks them why are they looking at him as if he only did all this. Anita says that if he would have been there on the mountain then he would alos have slept with sundari.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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