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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri being ecouraged by everyone. Anguri picks her hand and gives dinger a punch, he is in pain. Anguri gives it continuously, dinger is in pain. Vibhu asks how is it dinger?
Dad gets a call. The pandit says actually dinger and anguris marriage never happened as it was not finished. Dad says wow thats good news. Anguri goes beside. Everyone is happp and they tell dinger about this, tiwari says i am her husband and he slapd dinger. Happu singh comes and says to dinger come on now and i will put you in jail. They go. Anguri says i love you to tiwari and tiwari says to her i love you too. Episode ends.
Next night, vibhu takes clothes in bucket at night and goes to wash them. Anita asks what are you doing? Vibhu says that what i do everyday. Anita says go then

and goodluck. Vibhu says yes we both are busy and have our own responsibilities.
Next day morning, anita gets call from anurag who tells her he has a job vacancy for assistant manager and she can take vibhu. She says okay and anita is happy. Anita calls vibhu out and tells him about the job. Vibhu says he cant do the jobe because anurag is manager and he copied mine in school and has become this big, and it is against my rules. Anita tells you are useless and its a good job. Vibhu says he will do anything but not be anurags assistant manager.
At home teacher asks laddo why he didnt do homework? Laddo tells because there was no electricity at night yesterday as tiwari did not pay the bill. Tiwari comes and asks how is the study going? Teacher gets up and hits tiwari on his butt with a stick. Tiwari says why did u hit me? Teacher says because you didnt pay the bill and laddo did not do the homework. Tiwari says he is lying and i have already paid it. Teacher again hits tiwari and goes. Tiwari asks laddo why did you lie? Anguri comes. Tiwari tells anguri teach laddo something and he lies a lot. Anguri scolds laddo and tells him to go do homework.
Anguri tells tiwari she need juice as doctor told her to take fresh jucie because it is very hot now. Tiwari says okay and see who sells fresh juice and take from them. Vibhu listens and says i will put a juice stall for anguri.
At home vibhu tells anita he is going to start a business. Anita says okay but i will not give any money. Vibhu says dont need and i have a lot of financiers. At the frontyard vibhu puts a juice stall. Anguri comes. Vibhu says i have put a new business setup. Anguri says wow and give me mango juice. Vibhu says okay and makes juice. Anguri drinks and says it was nice and i will come here everyday anguri goes. Anita comes and says so this is your business? Vibhu sayes yes and if we start from down then you will be a great successive businessman.
At home tiwari is there and the doorbell rings. Tilu comes in as tiwari opens the door. Tilu sits. Tiwari asks what happened? Tilu removes gun. Tiwari asks what is this for? Tilu says if u dont give me my salary. Tiwari asks will you kill me? Tilu says no i will kill myself and put the name on you. Anguri comes and says what is this a gun? Tilu says no its a lighter and its just to scare tiwari. Tiwari says get lost and i will not give any salary. Tilu gets up and says i give you 3 days or else something will happen. Tiwari says what will you do? Tilu says let the time come. He goes. Anguri fires the gun to check whether its a real gun. The plaster falls on tiwaris head. He irks.

Precap: anita tells tiwari to stop vibhus business at any cost. Tiwari says sure.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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