Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita and vibhu in the morning at home. Tiwari and anguri come to meet them. As they are talking anitas friend who is also their house landlord comes. Anita welcomes him. He tells her that his business is going down because the invester has stopped investing money in it. Anita says that is bad. Landlord tells that for more money he will have to sell that house and he is sorry to say that but he has to sell it and they should go and find some other house. Invester tells today night a client who has to buy a house will come to see this house. Landlord goes. Tiwari screams and vibhu starts crying. Anita is sad too. Anhuri is sad and suts beside her. Tiwari says you will go from here and what will happen now. Vibhu says to anita they cant go from here snd they such good

neighbours and we have to do something. Anita says what can we do and vibhu tells he has an idea. They all say what? Vibhu tells that anita and he will make a scene of ghost here at night when the client will come. Anita says how? Vibhu tells we will make up a story and you act as a ghost like a blood thirsty bride who died on the night of her marriage. Anita says yes.
At night client and broker comes. Vibhu brings them in. Tiwari also comes to help vibhu. As the client is looking at the house. Anita comes as a ghost wearing red saree and fog comes in and everyone is scared. Anita goes. Everyone is scared but client tells he wanted such a house where there is a soul living because i am also a tantrik. Vibhu says what? Client says yes and tells to remove that ghost i leave a doll here and dobt move it and tells i will buy this house next week and he goes with the broker. Tiwari goes.
Vibhu is sad and goes in room and tells plan failed. Anita says because of you and we shouldnt have done that ghost thing. Vibhu says where did he know. The doll kept by client suddenly haunts the house. Anita slaps vibhu and vibhu says what are you doing? Anita says my hand i being controlled by someone else and i dont know how this happened. Vibhu puts lipstick on his face and says even he is not in control. Tiwari from his balcony asks them what happened. Anita calls him dog and tells him get lost. Tiwari goes crying. Anita says what is happening and someone else is controlling us. The light flickers. Vibhu and anita go sleep and say a real ghost has come here.
Next day tiwari is crying and anguri tells dont cry and anyways even dad tells you dog and that time you dont cry. Anita and vibhu go there and anita tells sorry and tells about the weird things that happened and they are being controlled by someone else. Tiwari says if this is happening then its dangerous but how can something like this happen. Suddenly the sifa moves behind and all files and books fly and fall down. Everyone is scared and anita slaps tiwari again. Now everyone get it that someone is controlling things.
At tea stall tiwari sitting scared with vibhu. Tika malkhan and happu singh come. Doctor comes too. Tiwari and vibhu tell them about the ghost things that is happening with them and all the events that happened since yesterday. Happu says can something like this seriously happen? Suddenly happus scooter is started by itself and it goes away. Happu falls unconscious. Tiwari and vibhu tell see things like these are happening. Doctor tells he is also a tantrik beside being a doctor and he will come today night at home and put all things straight. Tiwari and vibhu say okay.
At night everyone is gathered at anitas house. Doctor comes and tells what has happened. They tell him everything. Doctor does something and says keep this in the house and the ghost will go. Then he spots the doll and says it is because of this and the client has done something. Everyone os scared and doctor tells take this doll and burrow it in the ground ten feet deep somewhere far. Tiwari and vibhu say okay. Suddenly light goes and then is on again. Doctor is not there. Everyone find him then doctor tells i am up here stuck above the door snd let me down. They pull him down. Doctor tells its because of the doll. Tiwari and vibhu take the doll and go out. They are standing and discussing outside saxenas house where to burrow it. Saxena listens and tells that you both have done a crime and cant burrow a dead body. Tiwari and vibhu tell him to shut up. They slap him and go as saxena tells crime never pays.
Tiwari is digging the ground and he tells vibhu now you dig it. Happu comes and tells what are you doing in the backyard of my house. Vibhu says what and we did not know this is your backyard. Saxena comes and tells they are burrowing a dead womans body. Tiwari says no. Happu says then what are you doing? Vibhu tells all the truth about the doll and because of it all things happened so they are burrowing it 10 feet deep. Happu says then do it fast. Saxena suddenly slaps happu and then keeps on slapping him and then stops. Saxena tells he is not doing it and its happening and i dont know. Happu looks at vibhu and tiwari. They say its because of this doll. They burrow it in the ground and go home.
At home they sit and anguri and anita are there. They ask what happened? They tell they burrowed it 10 feet deep. Anita says good and now we are free. Suddenly a noise comes from tiwaris butt. Vibhu says what are you doing and its so mannerless. Tiwari sees and its the doll and everyone scream. Vibhu and anita say how did it come back again. The client comes and tells it will always come back even if you burrow it 10000 feet deep. Vibhu says why are you doing this to us. Client says you people started the game and i know this anita became the ghost and came to scare us. He tells i was anyway not going to but this house and i want such a house which has a lot of haunting souls. He tells i am not buying this house but from now do not play such games with anyone and i have more dolls and i will leave them here. Client goes.
The landlord comes and tells he has got a new invester and his business can start gaian and you can live here. Anita is happy and she hugs anguri. Vibhu and tiwari crying as in happy tears and they hug.

Precap: no precap.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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