Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari calling the dog useless and harmful. Vibhu tells the dog in the ears about Tiwari and it charges towards Tiwari. Tiwari runs away as dog chases him. Anita tells vibhu what did he do. Vibhu says the dog hates him.
At home anguris calls mom and tells her what has happened and that the dog is at their door and is not letting Tiwari come in and god knows where he is. Mom says someone must have put that dog behind Tiwari and that is why it is behind Tiwari anguri says yes maybe and that is why the dog is only attacking Tiwari and no one else. Mom says she will ask pandit ramji and ask for the solution, anguri says okay.
There Tiwari is at saxenas house and he thanks saxena for letting him stay for one night, saxena says your welcome and says it was his

duty to save him from the dog and he can sleep here. Tiwari says thank you and sleeps and saxena sleeps too. Suddenly saxena starts barking and Tiwari gets up and asks what happened? Saxena tells they had so much dog talks so the dog in him has awakened. Tiwari tells then tell it to sleep, saxena says it cant unless he bites someone. Tiwari is scared, saxena looks at him cunningly and then catches hold of Tiwari and bites him on the ass, Tiwari shrieks in pain.
At night Tiwari climbs vibhus house balcony, vibhu is there and asks why are you here? Tiwari says he wants to stay there and please take him in for a night. Vibhu says not at all and get lost. Tiwari says wow and when anita removes him from his house he takes vibhu to sleep but now he is not taking him in his house. Vibhu says I don’t know that and go away from here. He is about to push Tiwari from balcony when anita comes there after listening to the noise, Tiwari tells her that he came for a night stay and please take him but vibhu isn’t and you take me atleast. Anita says that what is this vibhu and let Tiwari stay, she tells Tiwari to go and stay in the hall. Tiwari goes and sleeps. Late night vibhu gets up and is going to anguris house to check the dog and anguri but outside even Tiwari is there and he asks vibhu where he is going? Vibhu says for fresh air and Tiwari tells he is scared so he was there. Anita comes and says why are you both still not sleeping. Tiwari says he was there because he is scared to sleep alone but he saw vibhu so was talking with him and requesting him to sleep with me in hall. Anita says okay vibhu will sleep with you today. Vibhu goes with Tiwari unwillingly.
At home anguri is there when vivek oberoi and riteish deshmukh come for the promotion of their new film great grand masti. They tell that a witch is behind them as they do a lot of naughty things and she wants us to stop so save us. The witch is actress Urvashi rautela in their film. They all dance as anita vibhu Tiwari and anguri are there too.

Precap: Tiwari comes out from house wearing anitas saree. Hapu there asks vibhu why is anita walking like a man, vibhu says that Tiwari and just watch. Vibhu leaves the dog and it charges towards Tiwari.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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