Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update:everyone enjoys dance event.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem walks in,and asks Anita bhabhiji how come you called me,Anu says do you know where is Vibhu,Prem says that’s strange he calls you an GPS and you don’t know,Happu says look he calls you such things no respect,Prem says ok I shall leave now,Anu says no wait tell me where can I find Vibhu,Prem says such cheap man can be found in bars,Happu Prem and Anita go to Gulfamkalis bar.

Gulfamkali asks how come you here,what would you like to see,Anu says nothing just tell me is Vibhu here,she says no he isn’t,Anu says I hear flush noise who is in there,Gulfamkali says no he isn’t,it’s shaklia ,commissioner walks and says darling is pan ready,all shocked to see him.

Vibhu asks Saxena where are we going,Saxena says first to Nepal to my mad uncle he will bless us and then

Europe,to a society with open minded people,Vibhu says if I deny,Saxena says I will shoot you,vibbu while getting up hurts his back again,Saxena says let’s go to a doctor,Vibhu says no let’s go to Anguri bhabhi she will kick me and all fine,she was born backwards.

Saxena gets Vibhu with his face covered and hands tied and says dare you show any cunningness or I shall shoot you and calls Anguri and Tiwari and says meet my friend and now I will shift with her to Europe and spend rest of her life with her,Anguri says congratulations I’m so happy.

Anu walks in and says Vibhu is no where,Saxena says excuse me,bhabhiji kick my friend please,angrui says Anita don’t worry we will find Vibhuti and takes position and kicks Vibhu,and he stands and his dupatta comes out,Anita says Vibhu,and says what’s wrong with you and I was so worried for you,Vibhu says this Saxena kidnapped me and was taking me to Europe and he has a gun,he is mad,Saxena says it’s fake,tiwari says what’s wrong with you,Saxena says I had fallen in love with him,Happu says what to do now,he is mad and won’t give up on you till he finds someone else.

Master walks in, angry and in saree and says few 12 class kids did this to me and troubled me too,Saxena falls for him and sings a sing for him.

Anita Anguri Tiwari Vibhu having tea,Anguri asks why are you upset,Anu says I wanted to dance and participate and win,but Vibhu messed up,tiwari says if you would participate alone you would win but with him you would definitely loose,Vibhu says excuse me,when we danced we would put stage on fire,Anu says last time we literally did, Vibhu was wearing lungi and it burned too,Vibhu says that wasn’t required,Anu says what you looked so good, he sit was bit embarrassing when lungi was burnt.

Angrui says why disheartened, how about we arrange an event,Anu says that will be great,Vibhu says I won’t dance without any judge.Anu says commissioner will be judge.

Saxena as anchor and welcomes everyone,and this event is sponsored by tiwari,Anu says that’s great,Saxena says so let’s call tiwari on stage,tiwari says thank you,Saxena says that’s fine you can go now,and now let’s begin the competition and our commissioner shall judge it,so let’s welcome out first couple Anita bhabhi and Vibhuti Bhaiya,Vibhu and Anu begin their performance.happu says Gulfamkali Anita bhabhi looks so beautiful,tiwari says it would be so great if she would dance with me.

Tiwari and angrui begin their performance,Saxena says now next performance,by Gulfamkali and Happu Singh,Saxena says now let’s welcome tikka and malkhan,malkhan performs the female part and tikka male,Saxena says now let’s welcome Prem and doctor,next performance by Tilu,Tilu says you all must be thinking who Must be Tilus lartener ket me show you and invites Pelu on stage,Saxena says so these are today’s performance,and gets shocks,Anguri says wow what a dance,tiwari says it’s a current,commissioner applauds too,Saxena says let’s invite commissioner on stage to announce the winner,commissioner announces Saxena as winner,Saxena gets very excited and happy.

Pre cap : Anguri and Anita scold Tiwari and Vibhu for their drinking habits,Anita calls commissioner and ask him to ban alcohol,he doesn’t support her,Anita says now I’m straight away writing letter to chief minister.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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