Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita standing and dad says that anguri has been suffering from such shocks and a pandit said that it can be related to her last lifetime. Anita says what and she has a diploma in previous lifetime courses so she can take anguri to her last lifetime and solve that problem. Vibhu says you had a correspondence course. Anita says shut up and dad says ok lets do this.
At anitas house. All lights are switched off and anita makes anguri sleep. She tells her that now she will enter her last lifetime and a star will be there. She has to follow it and see where she lived and what was her last lifetime exactly. Anguri says ok in sleep. Everyone is there(tiwari vibhu dad). Anita starts it. Anguri goes in her last lifetime. Anita tells follow the star. Anguri says she

followed abd she had come a long way back and it looks like an old village. Anita says is anything written there? Anguri sees there is written queen bacteria place. Anita says what? Vibhu says it must be queen victoria. Then vibhu says it must be the age of britishers. Anita says yes right. Then she asks what is happening. Anguri tells there are bullock carts and village people. Then anguri tells she has entered a castle. Then anguri sees something and suddenly screams. Anita asks what happened? Anguri says she has seen anita as a servant who is sweeping the floor. Then anita is felt embarrased. She asks what else? Anguri tells tiwari is sitting on a couch and looks like he isking and i am coming as his queen and i am a british women who is his 5th wife. Anguri feels sad and angry as she knows she is tiwaris 5th wife. Everyone there tell tiwari is cheap and vibhu says what is this and you had a 5th wife. Anguri tells even vibhu is there. Vibhu says what am i asking eagerly. Anguri tells you are also a servant and are sitting at tiwaris legs with head down. Vibhu feels angry and insulted and tiwari laughs. Then anita says anyways what else. Anguri says that tiwari being the king is cheap in that lifetime and is staring continuously at anita with bad intentions. Anita feels angry. Vibhu says what the hell and tells tiwari you are the cheapest man i have met. Dad says that he is ashamed because tiwari was married to his only daughter and top of that he is staring at a servant. Anita says why are you saying this word Servant and dont say that. Dad says oh sorry. Then anguri tells that she is ashamed that her husband is such and says tiwari is forcing anita servant to eat grapes but anita denies and goes. Then anguri as queen in last lifetime gives grapes to vibhu to eat as tiwari is doing that with anita. Tiwari king looks at anguri queen. Anita asks anguri and what is happening? Anguri says that vibbu servant goes away with grapes with his wife anita servant. Then anguri says that now i am going to the river to bath and oh my god vibhu is following me. Anguri says she is bathing at the rivercand vibhu servant is watching her from the rocks and this is pathetic. Anita tells vibhu that he is cheap and this is pathetic and she will show him later at home. Tiwari tells vibhu what are you looking at my wife. Vibhu says what can i do as it was last lifetimes story. Then anita says ok and this is enough for today rest they will do tomorrow. Then anita removed anguri from last lifetime and says that now you have come to the present. Then anguri comes to present. Dad comes near her. Anguri says daddu i am fine. Tiwari also comes but anguri says go away i dont want to talk with you. Vibhu tells sit here idiot. Tiwari comes back and sits.
At night vibhu goes on bed and anita says what and you were mangilal the servant right? And staring at women bathing in a river? Vibhu says that was last lifetime and leave it and lets romance now. Anita says no and stay away from me and you stare women right and you must be doing it here in kanpur too. Vibbu says there are no rivers in kanpur. Anita tells if there would have been you would have been staring women bathing there. Then she tells you all men are same and i understand and i dont want to talk to u. Vibhu says you women are alike too and you always doubt husbands. Anita say get lost. Vibhu goes at the balcony. Down dad calls him. Vibhu comes. He says what happened and dad says he is not feeling good and is why was tiwari only that man with whom anguri married last lifetime. Vibhu says that yes that cheap undergarment man has to be thrown but like always he was married to her. Dad say yes then he says but he is angyr at another thing that why was vibhu looking at anguri when she was bathing? Vibhu is stunned and thinks of answering but cant say and dad keeps on asking but vibhu cant say. He says he will bring beer. Dad say ok. Vibhu goes and dad thinks this guy did not answer to me.

Precap: anita is dancing as the servant and tiwari anguri and happu singh as a british commander are watching anita dance like a bar dancer. At the frontyard tiwari comes and he tells vibhu that he was a servant last lifetime. Vibhu says shut up and he is insulting him. Tiwari says you are worth it and you were jobless last time too and are now too. Dad comes. Vibhu tells him what tiwari is saying. Dad slaps tiwari.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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