Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update vibhu and anguri to sing duet

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari asks anguri why haven’t you slept yet,anguri says don’t fall asleep I was saying what you think how do I sing,Tiwari sleepy says very nice,anguri says ok I shall sing for you then tell me how you find it,tiwrai says I’m sleepy tomorrow,anguri says please let me,Tiwari says okay,anguri starts singing,tiwrai gives her a penny,anguri gets very happy and says talk to Zalil Chaudhry and ask him to record a song for him,tiwrai says don’t feel
Bad but if I do he will kick me out,anguri gets angry and goes to sleep.

Vibhu and anu together with media,media asks vibhu to excuse them and says it’s a solo,and asks ma’am how do you feel,anu says I feel great and thank you to zalil Sir for giving me a chance,vjbhu says no credits for me,reporter asks did you had this since

childhood,anu says I did but I got married and then classes,I got busy,reporter asks did you never got any push,anu says yes from my friend Meenal from my neighbour Tiwari,and Tiwari say something please.

Tiwari says sure And says bhabhiji is great singer she is awesome,anu says enough it’s so embarrassing.tiwari says let me and says there were many in her down who tired pulling her down but she never gave up and stood on her feet,reporter asks who do you owe this success to,anu says good question,to my friend Meenal my neighbours tilu tikka malkhan Pelu,masterji my relatives,Vibhu starts coughing ,anu says we are in press so please excuse us.

Anu says I’m Thankful to everyone,vibhu upset leaves,Happu walks and says hi and says I want a selfie,anu says sure click go ahead.happu says bhabhiji I’m here to invite you for a programme,anu says sure talk to my manager,tiwrai handle him.

Saxena to Vibhu what’s wrong boss,Vibhu says anu didn’t give me any credits,saxena says you don’t deserve I’m proud of my bhabhi Ma I resign from your job and leaves. Vibhu says hello happu,happu says oh superstar,Vibhu says I’m ready for the show,happu says no thank you,I asked bhabhiji and she said yes,now even if you pay me I won’t allow you,you are hopeless and will always be and leaves.

Vibhu at tea stall,says look at these people they don’t consider me now,avoiding me I can’t handle this I’m happy for anu but I love my stardom god don’t take it away from me.tikka tilu malkhan come to tea stall singing anus song.tikka says this song is so good.vibhu says that day you said anu sucked and now you find her star.tilu says this new style of her is so killer,malkhan says how did she do this,tikka says talent malkhan,Vibhu says you guys ignoring me,tilu says I’m waiting for her next album.vibhu slaps them,saxena says bhaiya stop it why remove their frustrations on them.
Vibhu says you cheated me too,saxena says look the thing is bhabhi Ma has eaten your job and you are back to hopeless ness and jobless again,Vibhu starts slapping him,prem says stop it vibhu come with me we shall have drinks.

Vibhu and prem having drinks,prem says you had forgotten others when you ahd stardom,and now you talking all this,when I offered you a show you asked me 50000,vibhu says I’m sorry and now I shal do your show and for 25000,prem says I won’t pay you 25 rs as well no one will come for you,Vibhu says you got me here to insult me,prem says I’m here for deal convince bhabhiji for a show in 40000 and I shall give you 500₹ commission.vibhu gets angry and says selfish.gulfamkali walks in and says everyone is selfish and now you are here enjoy and starts dancing on anitas song.

Anguri on kitchen says if tiwrai doesn’t like my song I won’t sing,Vibhu says hello and asks why do you look upset,anguri says I left singing,because I sing very bad,Vibhu asks which stupid man said that,Anguri says don’t call Tiwari stupid.

Vibhu says bhabhiji I won’t let you be demoralised,I will make you a singer,we will record a duet,and we will be Vibhuti plus anguri vibhuri,see you soon.

Pre cap: Vibhuti and anguri record a song.
Saxena says this chair is a historical one.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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