Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita telling vibhu at night in the bedroom that why are you sad and tiwari has taken the complaint back. Vibhu says that he has got a tag of undergarment thief so he is sad. Anita tells dont see what people say and ignore them. Vibhu is still sad. Anita says i will explain you. Vibhu says heisnotin the mood anita switches off the light and says now is your mood made? Vibhu smiles and says yes. They sleep. Later someone enters the room with tiwaris undergarments but a vase falls and vibhu and anita are woken up and they scream thief. Vibhu catches that man and brings to he balcony. Anita also goes there. Vibhu opens his towel and its tika. Anita and vibhu are shocked. Vibhu says oh so you are the thief and you were keeping tiwaris undergarments in my room and making

me thief. Anita says yes it is that. Tika says yes he did that. Vibhu calls tiwari and anguri. Then he tells tiwari that see tika did all this and i was not the thief. Anguri says oh my god why did u do that tika? Tika tells anita and everyone that he wanted to take revenge because vibhu had insulted him in front of everyone saying he was thief when he didnot even rob anything. Anita says oh and looks at vibhu. Vibhu feels ashamed and tells sorry to tika. Anita tells tikayou should have told me and i am your sister right? Tika tells you are my sister but this man is not my brother in law. Anita tells ok tika now forget it and forgive vibhu. Anguri and tiwari also tell yes leave it. Tika says ok and anita and vibhu go and sleep. Tika goes.
Next day morning vibhu is at tea stall and tiwari comes. They both say good morning. Prem comes on scooter. Vibhu says see this useless has come. Prem comes and insults both vibhu and tiwari. Then hetells them that he has a s*x comedy movie dvd which they should see. Both say yes. Prem tellsthen he will go and bring the dvd and you people go and do something so that your wives go out and you can see it alone without wife. Vibhu and tiwari say ok and go.
Vibhu goes at home and tells anita that tiwari is sending anguri to the parlour. Anita says cool tiwari has upgraded. Vibhu tells anita you to go to the parlour. Anita says she just went 10 days back and not now again. Vibhu tells your chin side looks a little ageing. Anita tells wait i will go and takes her purse.
There tiwari tells anguri to go to the parlour because today she i looking a little dull. Anguri says she will puton sandalwood and haldi paste on the face. Tiwari says why are you still in the old times and go to the parlour and do some bleaching and manicure and stuff. He tells even anita goes and your skin will become fair.
Both anita and anguri come out. Tiwari and vibhu tell them go to parlour and they both sit in the auto and go. Tiwari and vibhu then dance and tiwari asks vibhu whereis the dvd and he wants to see that movie. Prem comes and hands over the dvd to them. Tiwari andvibhu go in. Vibhu is trying to put dvd in the dvd player but it takes time to configure. By then again anita and anguri come and they enter thehouse. Tiwari tells vibhu do fast he is eager to watch. Suddenly they come and both vibhu and tiwari shreik. Anita sayswhat happened and why did you shreik and anguri asks what programme are you planning. Anita asks tiwari wghat is happening here and tiwari says the movies name by mistake. Anita says what stupid stuff are you people watching. Vibhu says no tiwari meant that we are not watching movies like those and we are watching something else. Anita says i will only check and confronts vibhu to start the movie. Vibhu starts it. An old classic song plays and tiwari looks at vibhu. It is an old classical movie. Anita and anguri laugh and say why wereyou both scared then if you are watching this. Tiwari and vibhu tell they have started getting scared since after marriage. Anita says now we 4 will watch this movie together and she says to anguri lets go and bring snacks. They go. Prem comes. He tells vibhu and tiwari that he had by mistake given them the wrong dvd and take this this is the right one. They take but anita and anguri come and listen everything. They then look at tiwari and vibhu. Prem says bye and goes. Tiwari and vibhu feel ashamed and they go away. Anita looks at anguri.

Precap: anita tells anguri she is a black belt karate artist and she will teach all the women of kanpur karate so that they defend themselves. Then she says she will need a man too for this job. Tiwari says he will come and hei s there to help. Anita says that is great.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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