Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhuti in Angoori Devi Hermitage

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angooei in temple meets Vibhu,Vibhu says it’s me bhabhiji, Angoori says she threw you out yesterday and today you have beard and you are broken, Vibhu says bad timea come quickly,Angoori says i have opened an Hermitage come with me, Vibhu says i wont survive, Angoori says i have all arrangements there come with me, anyways if you don’t wish too,Vibhu says I do, Angoori says okay come with me. Tiwari meets Anu, Anu upset, Anu says im.unwell, Tiwari says you are, you are because of Vibhu and he will keep troubling you, theres simple solution give him divorce, Anu says shut up, how dare you say all that, you trying and break my house,you gossipped and so this all is happening,Tiwari thinks she will blame everything on me and leaves.

Hapu with boys in Hermitage, playing cards,

Tiwari walks to them, and scolds them, im bearing you all because of amaji. Angoori walks in with vibhu and says look who i brought vibhu,anu threw her out of the house, Tiwari gets upset and scold,Hapu says you are so evil, Tiwari says you take him home then, vibhu says its all destiny, Tiwari says enough of drama and get lost, Vibhu says you have to believe in force the divine, Malkan says you talk so good how come, Vibhu says i felt it in temple,Tiwari insults him, Angoori says enough of it, Amaji calls Tiwari and asks him to wash the needies feet and drink the water.

Angoori asks what did Amaji say,Tiwari tells her, Angoori says okay im getting a vessel, and some water. Angoori gets it and says here you go. Tiwari begins with Hapu, all make faces, followed by teeka. anu on call says meenal i can’t adjust with vibhu i could adjust with unemployment but not loose character, Tiwari walks in, Anu says dont bother me now, Tiwari says im here with a news your husband is at our place, Angoori found him unconscious in temple, Anu says your house is a Hermitage now, Tiwari describes his look, Anu says i don’t know a man named vibhu, Tiwari says he is your husband, Anu says not anymore because, im giving up on him.

Boys enjoying in ashram, Hapu walks to them and says hide me im veey scared, commissioner is behind me, tilu asks why, hapu says first find me a place,teeka says my legs are aching massage them, hapu says you guys i tell you, commissioner walks in boys hide hapu, malkan says calm down tiwari and bhabhi are asleep upstairs, commissioner asks did you see hapu, tilu asks whats wrong, commissioner finds hapu, tilu says he isnt hapu but his statue.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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