Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri saying that she wants to go and see snow and visit kashmir. Anita there tells vibhu she wants to go to kashmir too. Tiwari tells anguri that last time my aunt went then she was buried under snow so its not safe. Anguri says last time you said that too and that time your uncle was buried under snow, you always lie. Anguri cries and sleeps. There vibhu tells anita that he doesnt have any money now so he cant book the ticket. Anita gets angry and vibhu sleeps.
Next day at home anita is reading magazine and door bell rings. Anita tells vibhu to come. Vibhu says the door is already open and malkhan comes in. Malkhan is wearing formal dress and tie and malkhan says he has opened a travel agency. Vibhu starts laughing and says these boys opened travel agency?

Anita says when they were not working you were laughing and at least they are doing something and some people dont even do anything and are jobless. Then malkhan says we have an offer of only 1000rs for Nainital which has 2 days stay, and travelling. There tika says same offer to tiwari and anguri. Tiwari says no we dont want to come. Tika says but its only 2000rs. Tiwari says no. Tika says vibhu and anita have booked and only3 tickets are remaining. Tiwari says yes? There malkhan says same offer to vibhu and anita and tells tiwari and anguri have booked. Vibhu says yes? Malkhan says yes. Vibhu tells anita lets go i will book it, anita says my mood is changed. Vibhu says oh come on lets go and the weather there will be romantic too. Anita smiles and says okay. There tiwari books tickets too.
At tea stall, malkhan and tika are booking tickets for people on pẖone in their laptop. Happu singh and saxena come on scooter. They get down. Happu says what is this drama? Tika and malkhan say what drama? Saxena says thst is not drama and for the first time they are looking decent. Tika and malkhan say they have opened a travel agency. Saxena says where is the first trip? Tika says to nainital. Saxena says i like it. Happu says so did you get any bookings? Tika and malkhan say yes and now have only 4 to 5 tickets left. Happu says so is anita vibhu tiwari and anguri going? Tika says yes. Malkhan tells the offer of 1000rs for 2 days at nainital including travelling. Saxena says nice give me 1. They book saxenas ticket and say you have to bring warm clothes, saxena says i will remove my clothes in nainital and sleep in snow, he says i like it. Happu says book mine too, they book happu ticket. Happu thinks i will enjoy with anita in nainital.
At kitchen, vibhu comes and anguri says even you both are coming. Vibhu says yes and i know nainital as i have been there. Anguri says it was always my wish to go to nainital in snow. Vibhu says wow thats nice and we will enjoy. Anguri says yes i will enjoy with tiwari. Vibhu says anyway we will do horse riding there. Anguri says yes i will do with tiwari. Vibhu says okay and says there are igloos there too and you can enjoy and tickel each other and we will. Anguri says tiwari and i will enjoy in that igloo. Vibhu goes.
At home tiwari goes and says hello bhabhiji. Anita says hello and says why are you shivering. Tiwari says the thought of visiting nainital is tickling me and we will enjoy. Anita says yes. Tiwari says have you ever been to nainital? Anita says yes with my parents when i was a kid but now i want to go with vibhu. Tiwari says okay. Anita asks him if he has ever been to nainital? Tiwaro says yes before marriage. Anita says you are like vibhu and never take anguri for a tour. Tiwari says actually if i leave my shop for 2 days then tilu will mess everything, anita says why do you always think of business and this time enjoy with anguri. Tiwari says yes we will all enjoy. Tiwari says anyway i am going t market and should i bring any warm clothes for you? Anita says yes bring but for anguri. Tiwari goes.
At night vibhu is sitting in lawn and has arranged alcohol, he adds jamalgota in peanuts and says i have mixed this with jamalgota and we all will go but not tiwari and he will sit in toilet.

Precap: tiwari is planning same and adds jamalgota in peanuts and says vibhu will stay in toilet. There as the mini van has been loaded with luggage everyone enter it and tika and malkhan leading the group. As van starts, tiwari vibhu come out running and enter their houses as their stomachs become bad.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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