Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode start with meeting vibhu and tiwari on tea stall. Vibhu tell Tiwari that he was missing bhabhi ji …. with pause and you, same said by tiwari.. both adding that angori and anita goes crazy and ziddi some time. Just than prem arrives and tell them he got one formula; they both ask what? He tells them about formula that romance with your wife to attract other woman. They both smile and reject his idea stating that they love their wives and leaves. Prem adds- Sau (100) chuhe (mouse) khaa kr (eat) bili (cat) hujj (god place) chali (going).

Next day vibhu wait for angori to come outside, so that he can excute his plan and angori comes singing mohobat barsa de na tu…. and anita arrives and vibhu start romancing with her on same song and angori hides shyly. And they

ask angori if she saw and she shyly nods yes and run inside. While anita do so and vibhu say I did my work.

Anita is doing yoga and tiwari watches her with song dili wali girlfriend chod chad ke.. and thinking I need to show bhabhi ji that how much I love my wife. Just then angori arrives and he gets romantic and angori shyly says that anita ji is watching. anita shyly leaves and tiwari thinks my work is done, angori ask him to come to bedroom but he ask her to make breakfast, he is going to take bath..

Vibhu is reading newspaper with anita in her angry look ask vibhu what he was upto? He replies this is his way to show love. Anita ask him to do everhthing inside house. Vibhu says he loves romancing outside. Anita says this is Kanpur not London. Adding what has happened to you and tiwari ji? You both are going crazy.
Vibhu ask he copies me always. Anita further says that angori was feeling awkward and was getting red due to shy. Vibhu adds that she is like red tomato.
Anita ask vibhu to be romantic in house and vibhu says that he drinks lassi so that he can lift her easily.

Tiwari sitting at tea stall thinks that i noticed that since i am romancing with angori, bhabhi ji is attracting towards me. Vibhu comes and say I will pay for tea. And ask him if he is taking angori bhabhi out. Tiwari ask him same? Vibhi tell he is taking her to market and they both decide to go together. And think to attrct bhabhi ji by romancing with wives.

All get ready to go for market and vibhu and tiwari gets romantic with their wives while anita and angori feeling awkward just then pelu plays music khulam khula pyar krenge hum dono, iss duniya se darrenge hum dono….. while dancing anita and angori try to take vibhu and tiwari inside house but they drag them out and hugs their wives respectively..

Just then happu singh arrives and ask them what they are doing bad work (ashlilta)??? Vibhu ask what is wrong in romancing?? Happu ask that is wrong to do in public place. Lady inspecter is about to arrest anita and angori.. Anita and Angori ask will you arrest us?? He stops her and ask them to leave. Vibhu and tiwari ask to take bribe? Happu singh says not to take bribe name, head inspector is with us. Stay for tonight and I will leave you tomorrow morning. And arrest them.
They hide their faces. Angori calls laddo ke bhaiya!! Anita says leave angori ji they both deserve.

In jail tiwari and vibhu curses prem for this idea and say that he will be enjoying outside and we are here in jail.. just then prem pick up his coat and background music kundi mat kadkao raja.. with awkard stare to each other. They hide their faces and lie on each other shoulder.

Precap- New episode : vibhu becoming kabadi wala as suggested by Prem..

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