Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,anguri is laughing and writing jokes and then she says tat no need of writing jokes as tiwari does not likes these jokes and then anita comes in and says hi and asks anguri how is she and anguri says tat i m not fine and anita asks wat happen u r always happy and people feel good after seeing u and angurii says tat tiwari does not likes my joke and anita says tat even i m riding in a same boat and anguri asks wat happen and anita says tat even vibhuti does not laughs at my jokes and then anguri says tat but vibhuti laughs at my jokes a lot and anita then suggest an idea tat lets exchange jokes and lets c how r husband reacts and anguri then give her book of jokes to anita
Vibhuti comes home laughing at a joke and sits on sofa and anita asks wat happen y r u

laughing and he says just now tika and malkhan told a very funny joke and anita says tat u laugh at these boys joke but don’t laugh at my jokes and vibhuti says tat its nothing like tat and anita says no it is u never laugh at my jokes and then she says tat ok lets not fight i will tell u a joke and then anita tells a joke once an ant sees tat she could not find her tooth brush and guess where did she finds it in elephants bathroom and she starts laughing can u imagine an elephant using ants tooth brush but vibhuti does not laughs at it and anita gets angry and asks him to get out and he leaves
Anguri calls amaji and tells tat tiwari does not laughs on my jokes and amaji says y so u tell me the joke and anguri tells and amaji laughs at it and says tat even i will tell u a joke and she tells tat when tiwari was born his father said see who has taken birth and everyone started laughing and then anguri says tat but tiwari does not laughs at my jokes and says tat he is here i will talk to u later and amaji asks her to tell him a joke and let me here how he reacts and then anguri says k and keeps amaji on hold and tiwari comes home looking upset anguri asks wat happen y r u so upset and he tells tat i met tika and malkhan and they where playing rummy i asked them its bad to play and i also played and lost 500 rs and anguri says if it was bad y did u played and he says i m very upset don’t ask any question and anguri then says tat ok i will tell u one joke and tiwari says ok but not a joke about ant and elephant and anguri says ok i have another one and tells him tat one patient goes to doctor and says to doctor tat after having food i don’t feel hungry and when i drink water i don’t feel thirsty and the doctor gives him two tablets saying one have it before sleep and one while going to bed and she starts laughing but tiwari shouts tat is this a joke and anguri starts crying and says on phone tat see amaji he is scolding me and then amaji asks to give phone to tiwari and scolds him tat y he does not laughs on anguri’s jokes and he says it is not a joke amaji and she warns him if he does not laughs she will see him nicely and then she hungs up and she fells down and says tat sorry bhaiya i had to get down this side but by mistake fell on u
Later at night tiwari ,vibhuti and pela are sitting near the tea stall and having drinks and there they decide tat we will forcibly laugh at our wives joke to make them feel good and they agree to it and come back home and vibhuti and tiwari asks their wives to tell a joke they refuse but they sweetly asks them to tell a joke an dthen anguri tell tiwari a joke elephant fells ask y cause she drank elephants peg and she laughs while anita tells vibhuti this joke once a couple had triplets and they named their childrens ramesh suresh and saurabh and she laughs saying isn’t tat funny and then both vibhuti and tiwari start laughing hardly and come out of their houses laughing hardly anita comes out and says to vibhuti tat u liked my joke so much tat u are laughing so much and even anguri comes out happily saying u said a very funny joke and then both the couples take a walk in the mons light singing romantic songs

Vibhuti’s friend prem has come to meet him and gives him a gift gaugles and he says tat wats special in tat and he tells tat it are x-ray lenses gaugles i can see through and says how many moles u have on ur body and vibhuti hides with pillows

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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