Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anita learns that Vibhuti is beggar.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita asks Tiwari what’s wrong,may be you are looking at my saree,Tiwari says yes I was,Anita says forget that have jalebis,very tasty,Tiwari thinks I gave same tiffin of jalebi,and asks where did you get these from,Anita says Vibhu gave me and why these stupid questions,Tiwari says because same saree and same jalebi I gave to a beggar this morning,Anita says what do you mean,my Vibhu snatched it from a beggar,Tiwari says he can,I mean may be he bought form that beggar,Anita says there cant be another saree and I know you always point at Vibhu,get out,Tiwari leaves,Anita says stupid man,spoiled my mood.

Anguri singing song and cooking,Vibhu walks to her and asks how are you,a Anguri says fine as always how about you,Vibhu says very happy,because I have a job,import and export

like fund raisers,Anguri says good,don’t leave this job,Vibhu says never,Anguri says all the best,Vibhu says I thought of gifting you form my first salary,Anguri says no you don’t have to,look you where jobless so may be you have lot of loans so go nil them first,Vibhu says I will be managed accept this gift,Anguri says okay and says oh a saree and it’s expensive and Tiwari has asked me not to accept gifts from others so sorry,Vibhu says please don’t break my Heart and Tiwari won’t feel bad too,Anguri says okay and I shall wear it for you and leaves.

Tiwari walks to temple and sees Vibhu the beggar and says today this kheer I shall give him and then will go to bhabhiji and then will see the fun,and walks to beggar,Vibhu asks sir what’s in this tiffin,Tiwari says kheer,It will strength you,Vibhu says no money,Tiwari says tomorrow I shall get you money and leaves,Vibhu says let me give to Anu and calls Pelu and says give it to Anu go.

Anita exercising,gets a call,its Meenal,and Anita says I’m so happy,because Vibhu has a job now,in an export import company, I have no idea what product they work on but he sends me very yummy dishes,let’s see what he sends me today,Tiwari walks in and says today it will be kheer,Anita asks what and says bye to Meenal,Pelu walks in with kheer,Anita asks what’s in it,Pelu gives note which reads kheer,Anita surprised checks the tiffin,Tiwari says look I told you,Anita asks how do you know,Tiwari says because just now I gave the beggar this kheer,Anita asks Pelu is that beggar in temple,Pelu hands the note which reads he is in temple only in morning,Anita say so shall meet that beggar and inky then believe and hands the tiffin to Pelu.

Commissioner tells Happu,the beggar association has murdered a business man again,and we have no leads and I have an info you are working in those areas where there beautiful women,Happu says I swear sir this is false news,commissioner says I see no results and if here after I don’t I shall fire you,Happu says please don’t I have a family,commissioner says for the sake of that family go work or else go join Gulfamkali bar.

Anguri tries Vibhus gift and says it’s so beautiful,Tiwari walks in and says very pretty where did you get this saree from I didn’t,did you buy,Anguri says no I didn’t,Tiwari says then who Amma or your daddy,Anguri says no vibhutiji did,from his first salary,Tiwari says take it off and throw it,Anguri asks why but,Tiwari says because he is a beggar and tells him the whole scene to her,Anguri asks so what’s the meaning,Tiwari says it means Vibhuti is beggar and now take this saree off.

Anita and Tiwari at temple,and see Vibhu the beggar,Anita makes Vibhu a call,and asks where are you,Vibhu says in a meeting,Anita says is it in temple because I hear bells ring,Anita and Tiwari walk to Vibhu,vibhu starts begging,Tiwari says your act is over,Vibhu says Anu baby,Anita says enough we shall talk in home.

Tilu tikka malkhan begging,they start troubling doctor,doctor says shame on you go work instead of begging,and leaves,master comes there and says shame on you go work you look so well built,Tilu says we don’t need lecture we need money,master asks but why beg,tikka says we don’t have job,master says come to my house I shall give you work,malkhan asks salary,master says 1000 each,Tilu says join us we shall give you 3000 a month,laddoo walks to them and hands them a lite bomb and it blasts in tikkas hand.

Pre cap : tikka Tilu malkhan in beggar outfit enjoying at Gulfamkali bar. Tiwari says so Vibhuti Anita bhabhiji the divorce papers are ready,Anita asks whose,Tiwari says yours,Anita says what.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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