Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with saxena says that don’t cut the phone and I want to see it, vibhu says okay wait I will tease her. Vibhu goes and as anguri is going vibhu calls her chamak challo and come here. Anguri says what you called me chamak challo, vibhu on phone says am I going right? Saxena says yes go, vibhu says you orange beauty and tomato and sweet gourd come here. Anguri says what are u calling me and u are teasing me? Vibhu says yes. Saxena says go onw, vibhu says yes. Tika and malkhan come and says you are teasing anguri? Anguri says yes he is. Tika malkhan says that we will suffer you hitting us but u cant tease anguri and just wait. Tika and malkhan bash vibhu.
At home vibhu comes down injured and is coming walking down the stairs saying I had to tease anguri the woman

I worship. Vibhu goes and sits on sofa. He says who is this enemy that is keen to almost kill me? Phone rings, vibhu takes the phone and its saxena and he says go and eat the chewing gum, vibhu eats chewing gum and says what do I do with this? Saxena says go and stick it in your wife’s head. Vibhu says what and I cant do that I am sorry. Saxena says I am releasing the video. Vibhu says wait I will do it, anita just comes home and shows vibhu her hair which she colored. Vibhu is scared, saxena says do it. Vibhu goes behind and sticks the chewing gum. Anita then touches her hair and says you stuck a chewing gum in my head, anita screams. Vibhu says it fell by mistake. Saxena laughs and cuts the phone and says I like it. Anita comes out and shows him hair that came out from her head.
At tea stall happu singh is sitting and a beautiful girl comes and tells him that nowadays many guys are eve teasing and do something. Happu says sure I will do and tell me who is it? Vibhu is going to tea stall when saxena calls him and tells him go and slap happu singh. Vibhu says no I cant do that and saxena says I will put the video, vibhu says no and I will do it, vibhu slaps happu singh, happu is shocked, vibhu says it was a mosquito. Vibhu goes. Happu smiles looking at girl and says see they are cared about me as I will get dengue. Saxena tells vibhu to do it again, in this way he slaps happu singh thrice and tells it was mosquito. Happu tells him to go now. Vibhu goes. Yadrams son coes behind and taps happus back to tell him something, happu gets scared and covers his face and goes down and then sees it yadrams son.
There at home anita is looking at her hair in hand mirror and says what did vibhu do and feels sad. Anguri come there and starts crying, anita says what happened? Anguri says vibhu teased me today and called me chammak challo tomato and sweet gourd. Anita says what? Anguri says yes. Anita says he did this to my hair and teased you? Vibhu comes home and tells anita and anguri that he is really very sorry. anita says are u mad vibhu and you teased anguri and stuck chewing gum in anitas hair. Vibhu says actually I met a baba and he told me to do this as there were some faults in your kundlis. Anguri says what and thanks you saved me. Saxena calls again and tells I know you are standing with your neighbor and anita and tease anguri and stick chewing gum in anitas head now. Vibhu teases anguri again, anita says what is this? Vibhu takes chewing gum and chews it, anita says no and no don’t do this. Anita and anguri run away. Vibhu says on phone that anita ran otherwise I would have done it. Anita and anguri come at anguris house running. Anita says see he has gone mad, anguri says I never knew vibhu would tease me. The door knocks and anguri says its vibhu, anita says yes bring a stick, anguri says yes, Tiwari says open its me and I have come back. Anguri opens the door, Tiwari comes in. anita and anguri tell Tiwari what all vibhu had done. Tiwari tells that I will not leave him, vibhu comes. Anguri and anita hide. Vibhu says I have come to say sorry, vibhu says I am extremely sorry and I was forced to do this and please assault and hit me but forgive me as I was forced to do it. Anguri and anita forgive vibhu.

Precap: saxena tells vibhu on phone that go and ask for forgiveness from the people whom you troubled. Vibhu says you did not leave me of that caliber now that I go and ask for forgiveness.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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