Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhutu leaning down and dad thinks that heis taking his blessings. Vibhuti says then that he is not taking blessings but iust giving him his towel which had unfolded from his legs n fallen down. Dad folds it back.
At tiwaris house, tiwari says that dad inuslted him the worst in his life. Then at the door happu singh comes. Tiwari says why has he come. Happu singh says that a warrant has been issued against him. He is shocked. They come in and sit on the sofa. Anguri says congratulations to tiwari as he has got a warrant. Tiwari says that its an arrest warrant. Anguri is shocked. Happu singh says that the warrant has been issued by anguris father. Anguri and tiwari are shocked. Tiwaris says that this man is going to kill me. Then happu singh tells him that

he is going to give him 2 hours and till then he can convince dad to take his FIR back. Then tiwari and aguri say ok. Happu singh asks for bribe of 10000 rupees. Tiwari gives him 5000 rupees and tells him that the rest will be given to him afterwards. Happu singh goes.
At anitas house anguri goe running in the house and tells her dad to take the fir back as she is happy and tiwari doesnt torture her. Dad says that he knows well that he tortures her and she just smiles in front of everyone so that they dont get to know that she is so sad. Anita supports anguri saying that tiwari doesnt torture as she sees anguri happy everyday. Tiwari comes in and says that why her dad is doing this. Dad walks away from the house angrily outside. Anguri says what has happened to dad. Then anita says that she knows them both and that who has filled his ears. Then vibhuti says that whats wrong in that. Tiwari looks at him angrily and says who ever has done this will face his wrath. Tiwari then goes out to convince dad but dad tellshim to shut up and goes in. Inside aguri says that tiwari is a good man and she is saying she is happy then why doesnt he listen and she walks away frustrated. Then vibhuti asks dad through signs that does he want to drink now. Dad looks at the time and says no. Then he again looks at vibhuti and says lets go through signs. Vibhuti says that he has met a very right clever man(taunt).
At anguris house, after 2 hrs happu singh comes. He then tells tiwari and anguri that 2hrs are over and now he has to go and submit the FIR. Anguri says please dont do this. Then tiwari also says that her father is very stubborn and that he is not listening. Then happu singh says that he will give another half hr looking at anguris face. Anguri says ok and goes to convinceher father. Happu singh tells tiwari to give him 15000 rupees. Tiwari says to happu singh that he is very disobedient. Then as happu singh is resting on the osfa he falls down. Tiwari smiles.
At anitas house anguri goes and tells anita to convince her dad. Anita says ok. Then she looks at dad coming in a drunk way. Anguri goes.
Then dad comes and anita tells him that why doesnt he take his fir back and who told him that anguri is being tortured. Dad says that the guy(londa) told him. Anita says who guy? Then dad looks at her. She understands.
Anita goes in her room where vibhuti is there. She tells why did he insticate dad against tiwari to file an FIR. Vibhuti says that there was already a fir between them. He didnt do anything. Anita says them why did he put oil in that fire. Vibhuti says he didnt do anything. Anita says she knows and that dad told her everything. Vibhuti says that they were just standing outside in the morning and they heard some noises of utensils and anguri and tiwaris noises. Then anita says that they are simple husband wife fights and that they happen in everybody and they are not known as torturing. Then anita tells vibhuti to go and tell dad to take back his fir or else she will also file an fir against him saying that he also tortures ger. She goes. Vibhuti is angry.
Dad is speaking to anguris mom. He tells her that he will jail tiwari for 5 to 6 months and bring anguri back home and then keeps the phone. Vibhuti sits beside dad and tells him to take the fir back. Dad says why?. Vibhuti tells that he(dad) doesnt know tiwari and that tiwari has tried suiciding many times by jumping from the terrace. Then dad says what is he saying(shocked)? Vibhuti says yes and says that he just now saw from the balcony that tiwari was writing a letter that he is going to suicide and that the one responisible for that will be you and you only(dad). Then dad is shocked. Vibhuti says take your fir vack. Dad looks at him and thinks.

Precap:vibhuti and anita are talking about their 4th honeymoon. Vibhuti says that during the homeymoon he was standing on the flatland of panchgani and then he fell in the river and went flowing somewhere. Vibhuti then tells that he doesnt remember what had happened to him for those 10 days. Tiwari listens to this secretly and thinks what had happened to vibhuti for those 10 days.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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