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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dinger telling joke to anguri. Tiwari says from behind dont laugh. Anguri starts laughing and laughs. Dinger gets happy and says she loves me and says i will go and give sweets. Dinger goes. Tiwari says why did you laugh? And now he will take you with him. Anguri says i did not laugh on his joke but i laughed on the joke you told me yesterday and as i understood it now so i started laughing. Anguri goes laughing in the kitchen. Tiwari says why did she laugh and goes to anitas house.
At anitas house, tiwari goes and sits. Vibhu dad and anita come and sit there. Tiwari is in garments. Anita says what is this? Tiwari says this is because of dinger. Anita says nothing will happen and i told anguri not to laugh on dinger joke or else he will take you. Tiwari says she

was laughing continuously. Anita says what and vibhu says why did she laugh? Tiwari says she was laughing on the joke i told her the last night and not on his joke. Vibhu says what the hell and she shouldnt have laughed.
At tea stall, vibhu and tiwari are there. Vibhu tells tiwari that you act like a hero and what happened to you now? Tiwari says even you act like a superguy and what has happened to you? Vibhu says we have a solution to this problem and we can tell happu singh. Happu singh comes. Tiwari and vibhu tell him everything and tell you are our only hope and our hero so help us. Happu singh says yes ofcourse i will help you and lets go.
Happu singh tiwari and vibhu hide behind a scooter. Happu singh says tell me who is dinger and i will catch him. Vibhu says okay. Dinger comes. Tiwari and vibhu tell him see he is dinger. Happu singh goes and catches dinger and tells him that you are disturbing the woman in our town and i am arresting you. Dinger says oh its you happu singh and dont you remember me? And you took a lot of bribe from me when we were younger. Happu singh says oh its you dinger and hugs him and says its longtime. Dinger says yes. They hug again and happu tells dinger that i will help you in anything you need me too and tell me. Dinger says okay and tells that i have come here to take my wife and there are some who are opposing me so just give me security when i will go. Happu singh says yes i will surely give. Tiwari and vibhu hit their heads and says what has happened here.
At night tiwari gets a nightmare that dinger took anguri. He gets up and is scared. Anguri asks what happened? Tiwari says i had this nightmare and i will go and kill this dinger. Tiwari goes. He enters anitas house with a stick from the kitchen. Tiwari goes and starts hitting a man under the blanket in hall. Dinger comes beside tiwari and tiwari is shocked and freezes. Dad comes from under the blanket. He is in pain. Everyone come down. Dinger asks why did u hit father in law? Tiwari tells that he troubled a lot so i wanted to hit him and so i hit him. Dinger says that is good and even i did not like him anyways i am impressed and you come with me. Anita tells dinger to go and sleep. Dinger goes. Anita also goes. Tiwari comes and tells dad sorry abd says i thought it was dinger so i hit you and i am sorry. Dad slaps him. Vibhu tells tiwari to go. Tiwari goes.
Next day morning everyone is at anguris gate. Dinger says come on anguri fast. Anguri tiwari and laddo come out. Anita tells anguri in ears that we have planned something and lets do according to it. Anguri says okay. Anita says to everyone and dinger that we have a ritual before wife goes with her husband. Dinger asks what? Anita tells anguri tell them. Anguri tells dinger that we have a ritual that the husband is beaten before wife goes to his house and if he is able to withstand the beating then wife goes or else not. Dinger says okay and go on and i have taken a lot of beating in police stations and this wikl not do anything. Anguri slaps dinger. Dinger smiles. Anguri slaps again 3 times. Dinger still smiles. Everyone say hit him more powerfully. Laddoo tells anguri that please hit him and i cant live without you and hit him. Anguri is encouraged. Everyone encourage anguri to him dinger.

Precap: anita insults vibhu by telling him that you have not done anything your entire life and you have not earned anything. Anguri is telling tiwari that doctor told me to drink fresh juice but no one in our town makes juice. Vibhu listens and says to himself that i will make juice for you anguri bhabhi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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