Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhutis chachaji’s conversation with happu singh stating vibhuti & tiwari’s wife having an affair. happu singh says vibhuti is like that only. happu singh predicts in his own that anita is now aloof. Anita says oh god why it always happens with us only whenever the wealth is coming our way some other hurdle erupts the wealth is snatched from our way. Do we don’t have the rights to become rich? Vibhuti says this time keep faith or if it does not happen the way you wish the i’ll kill chachaji. Anita responds that if you kill chachaji then you will go to jail & if you go to jail then how will we romance? Vibhuti says that i’ll make some excuse & come out of the jail to romance with you. Anita responds immediately that instead

i will only kill somebody & come to you in the jail. Vibhu asks anita that whom will you kill then anita replies that i will kill tiwari & get arrested to come to jail & they both greet & enjoy love for eachother. From behind tiwari listens to the conversation between the two & comes in front of both of them & anita reacts immediately that we were just joking. Tiwari responds doubtedly that no problem bhabhiji, please relief your tension. In vibhu’s house, chachaji is reading magzine & laughs in his own that see what kind of magzine’s daughter-in-law reads. Immediately tiwari arrives & says if bhabhaji is ther at home? Tiwari comes in & says namaste chacha. Chacha says now also you said bhabhaji is at home? then tiwari says in his own that habit is habit. Chacha says that wat r u saying in your own. Talk about ur wife & tell me if she is under ur control or no? Yes trying to control but chacha responds saying after all it’s the question of ur sister’s husband. Tiwari says i have an idea that you tell vibhuti to tie rakhi to anita. Chachaji tells vibhuti to ie rakhi to anita & then i will give my estate to you. Then vibhuti goes to meet anita at night & tell anita then chachaji has kept a clause that if anita ties rakhi to me then we will get all his estate. Then next day morning anita, tiwari & vibhu are conversation & forcing anita to tie rakhi & suddenly happu sing arrives & says that y r u forcing gori mam to tie rakhi? Tiwari asks anita wat will u do after tieing rakhi to vibhuti? then she says she will go to himalaya & please help me. Vibhuti & chachaji comes to tiwari’s house & chacha says to tie rakhi & suddenly tiwari comes & sprays near face of chacha due to bad odour. The spary goes in the eyes of chacha & tiwari ties rakhi on the hands of vibhuti. Chacha sees rakhi on vibhu’s hand & handovers the papers of estate to vibhu. Receiving papers anita & vibhu hugs eachother in love. Mean-time chacha receives a call & hears that he has lost the case of estate dispute between chacha & chachi & chahi wins the case & the episode ends.

Precap : Anita tells vibhu if u wish to become rich then socialise with rich standard people & try meeting them. Vibhu meets 1 builder & they fix the builder to come to his home.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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