Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update laddus dream.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

daddu tries to escape but aamaji bites him and he turns zombie,angoori is also bitten by amaji. tikka says god this zombie thing is dangerous, Malkhan starring at him,tikka says my friend come let’s go home have drinks,malkhan bites him.vibhu says bhabhiji can’t turn zombie,angoori walks to him,vibhu says god,and says bhabhiji take a bite,vibhu turns zombie.

laddu calls angoori,all proceed towards laddu,laddu wakes up scared,angoori asks what happened why did you wake up scared,anu and vibhu join them and ask why are you so scared, Tiwari says nightmare,vibhu says may be he caught you at gulfamkali bar, Tiwari says shut-up,laddu says i dreamt everyone turned zombie,angoori says god morning dreams do come true, Gupta laughs and says that’s funny anyways meet prof Khurana

he made a solution that awakens dead people,laddu shocked.

aanu complains to angoori that when she was 15 she had pimple problem and her grannies old remedies helped cure it,angoori says this heat is killing what to do,my skin is tanning,anu says im looking for the book,amaji walks in, both take blessings,angoori tells about tanningdiscussion,amaji says i have a rremedie that will brighteb your face,use besan and honey but use original honey right from the comb.

anu on call telling her friend the remedie, Vibhu hears it and says you were talking about honey,angoori says yes and tells remedie,vibhu says I will get the honey for you my honey,angoori says good quickly please go, thank you.

Tiwari walks in mishra house and greets anu,anu says good you came i needed a favour, Tiwari says you can have my life, Anu says thats useless for me anyways i need original honey right from the comb, Tiwari says but why do you need it, you are like a honey,anu says you calling me a honey bee, Tiwari says im sorry,aanu says it will be accepted only when you get honey for me, Tiwari says deal.

tikka tilu malkhan together,tikka says let’s say we go london but people speak English,how will we manage,tilu says we will be working in toilets and I know few lines we will use them,tikka says good.

tiwari and vibhu both arrive near honey comb and get into argument and ask eachother why they are here,they get to know they are here for honey,happu says you cant,master watching them, Tiwari asks why though,happu says its illegal to remove honey this way unless you give bribe,vibhu and tiwari scare him and he runs away.

Vibhu and tiwari hit the honey comb with stone. prem hhappu and boys at gulfamkalis bar, Tilu says tell us honestly you will miss us,happu says i will be thankful you left,master asks why did you call me,tikka says to give us blessings,master says i can give that home as well,happu says forget it master join us cmon,master gets angry and leaves,tilu says let him go and let gulfamkali come,gulfamkali comes and performs for them.

pre cap : vibhu and tiwari bitten by honey bees,master says this is because you troubled the queen of honey bees so they are behind you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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