Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti sees tiwari in his mind he thinks has tiwari doubt on me tat I m here to buy fake moustaches and tiwari also thinks if vibhuti has doubt tat I m here to have these moustaches and later vibhuti thinks tat this business man wont think this way and then tiwarii also thinks tat this useless man wont think so much and then vibhuti asks tiwari how is he and he replies fine and then vibhuti asks how is bhabhiji and he says very fine and tiwari also asks how is anita and he says fine and then vibhuti again thanx saxena and slaps him and leave tiwari then asks saxena to give him a moustache of same he has and saxena asks y and he says tat anguri wishes to and then saxena says I will give u for bhabhi and then gives him and tiwari leaves while saxxena says tat both took

moustaches from me and they said me tat I m mad.
Vibhuti in his bathroom is sticking the moustaches and imagines tat with these moustaches he meets anguri and anguri gets very happy and then comes anita and knocks the door and asks vibhuti wat is he doing in bathroom and vibhuti then says tat his stomach is not well and he tries to remove the sticked moustaches but they r not coming out anita is asking him to come out fast and asks have u took ur mobile inside and vibhuti says no and he is struggling to remove the sticked moustaches anita then warns tat at the count of 3 I will come in and vibhuti then comes out with a bucket on his head and anita asks y r u this way and vibhuti says tat yesterday tat saxena kissed me on cheeks so I have got an mouth infection so I m this way and anita asks him to let her see but vibhuti says tat its infectious and then anita asks him to see a doctor for it today itself and he agress.
Tiwari also emotionally shaves the moustaches for anita and while picking the moustache kept on the flush tank it falls in the comod and by mistakenly gets flushed he gets tensed tat now wat will he do he is sitting in bathroom for long time and anguri asks wat r u doing in bathroom for so long and tiwari says tat he is having bath and when he comes out he covers his face with handkerchief and anguri asks wat happen and he says his moustaches and anguri shouts wat happened and he says I got an infection in my moustaches and its very delicate so I m protecting from infection and she says tat she will bring turmeric milk for u and says tat u know hw much I like ur moustaches and leaves
At tea stall saxena is having tea and comes vibhuti hiding his face and saxena does not recognizes him and asks from where r u and he says tat I m vibhuti mishra wat kind of gum u gave me the moustaches are not coming out and saxena says tat it was a furniture gum and it has no solution to come out and also comes tiwari wearing a monkey cap and he asks vibhuti wat have u done tat u r hiding ur face and vibhuti says I m not like u I m well educated and then he leaves and tiwari asks saxena tat if he has another same kind of moustaches and saxena says tat wat happen to the one I gave and tiwari says tat I lost it and saxena it was a rare moustache I had I don’t have another one
Anguri visits anita and says her sorry for the last arguments they had and even anita says tat she is also sorry and then anguri say stat I feel bad tat tiwari keeps the moustache only for me and so I have decided tat if he wants to remove I will allow me and anita also says tat even vibhuti shaved his moustaches for me and now I will allow him to keep the moustaches.
Anguri is watering plants in garden and vibhuti comes hiding his face and he shows his face to anguri and asks how am I looking and anguri asks how r u and how is anita and vibhuti says fine and he then asks tat can he see change in him and anguri asks how is ur mother and ur father vibhuti says all r fine and says tat bhabhiji did u see my moustaches how do u like it and anguri says oh I remember I have to prepare breakfast for tiwari and she leaves and vibhuti gets upset tat he took so much struggle for these moustaches and anguri bhabhi didn’t notice it and a passer boy looks at vibhutis moustaches andhe says wat are these moustaches or a tail of horse and vibhuti gets so angry tat he hits him and tat boy calls his father seeing it vibhuti runs in his house.
Tiwari comes home with his mouth covered and decides to confront anguri about the moustache and tell her the truth wat would happen she will get angry tell amaji and amaji will hit me I will accept it but now I will tell her he calls anguri she comes in angry mood and tiwari thinks she is already so angry and he is scared .

Tiwari asks who is there as he is ill sleeping on bed and vibhuti says its me and when tiwari comes out of his blanket and anguri sees tat he has got reaction on his face and later vibhuti is leaving the room at night anguri in her dreams say I love u and vibhuti gets happy

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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