Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update : Tiwari calls Shaila.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu asks Tiwari do you have girlfriend,Tiwari says yes but she doesn’t love me,she is very educated too,Vibhu says obviously why will a educated girl love you,Tiwari says tell me how to impress her,Vibhu says excuse me you wwnat bhabhiji or girlfriend,Tiwari says both,Vibhu says cheap man,Tiwari says what to do this heart,Vibhu says i get it,Tiwari says you have someone too,Vibhu says yes but she is innocent and never gets any catch anyways you need Shaila, Tiwrai says ok.

Amaji calls Angoori,Angoori says im not doing well,im just worried about the differences, Amaji says dont worry iim here, Panditji told me this romantic solution,he talks to some women Shaila,she has magic in her voice and so even you talk to her as a man and learn how she talks that make men mad and use that

trick on Tiwari,Angoori says good idea, Vibhu comes there and Angoori makes him write Shailas number.

Vibhu asks what was Amaji saying,Angoori says she is always worried about me,Vibhu says me too,Angoori says anyways im tensed,Vibhu says share it with me,Angoori says i ccant and leaves.

Vibhu at station gets a call from Hapu, and says hello its Shaila,Hapu says come see me soon,Shaila says be patient,Hapu says i can’t,she says why is it,Hapu says tell me something about you,how hot are you,Prem touches Vibhu,Shaila says shut-up dog,Hapu asks what,Shaila says my dog ,Hapu asks tell me when will you be free,Shaila says afternoon .

Tiwari says i think i should give shaila a call, Tiwari about to call,Angoori walks in,and sees Tiwari and thinks he is here how will i talk to Shaila now,both wait for eachother to sleep, Angoori asks wwont oou leep,Tiwari says you go sleep,Angoori says iim not sleepy,Tiwari says ok you dont feel like sleeping with me,I shall go then,Angoori says okay.

Tika calls Shaila,and both have a romantic talk,Tika gets emotional,Shaila says dont cry please, Shaila loves you bye.Prem asks when will Tiwari call.Vibhu says he will. Tiwari gives Shaila a call,and says im Ramesh Tiwari,Vibhu says to Prem this cheap is calling with changed name,Shaila says Manmohan woukd suit you more,Tiwari says let’s come to point,Shaila says okay and both have a Romantic talk, Tiwari interrupt and says you are too direct ,Shaila says this is why men call me, Tiwari says tell me what makes you women happy,Shaila says luxury and if you cant give that go find someone else.

TTilu calls Shaila,Tilu says Shaila how lucky is your dog he can be with you 24*7,and if i meet you, you will know how wild i am.Malkan gives Shaila a call,and say darling your love is here,and please give me a kiss, vibhu cuts the call.

Vibhu gets another call from commissioner,Shaila asks who ia this, Commissioner fakes and says Rishi,Vibhu says to Prem its Commissioner faking, Commissioner asks what do you do Shaila,Shaila says love of people like you.Comissioner gets a call from his wife and says Shaila i will call you back later.

Pre cap: Angoori calls Shaila.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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