Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Panditji walks to Tiwari,Tiwari welcomes him,Panditji says I’m not here for good news,Tiwari says you never get good news,Panditji says what to do,anyways your kundalini says you shouldn’t enjoy rains with Anguri and if you get wet with her thunder shall fall over you,Tiwari says what,Panditji says only with Anguri bhabhi any other women would do,Tiwari says bhabhiji would be great,Panditji says what,Tiwari says nothing but what to do she is eagerly waiting,Panditji says she got to what and she shouldn’t know about it,and she does you will die,Tiwari says what all is this,Panditji says it’s your kundalini bye now and now my feels,Tiwari says first you give me bad news and want fees,Panditji says ok good should bless you bye now.

Tiwari says now Anguri what shall

I tell her,is starts raining Anguri comes out and says look it’s raining come let’s have fun,let’s get wet,Tiwari says you go I won’t,Anguri says come please we were planning about this since long but now,you always spoil my mood, I won’t talk with you and leaves,Tiwari says how will I tell her the truth now,Vibhuti walks in and asks what’s wrong you look worried,Tiwari says Panditji put me in trouble and tells him the story,Vibhuti says you are right this is big issue,Tiwari says can you do me a favour can you enjoy these rains with Anguri,Vibhuti murmurs I would even if you wouldn’t ask and says I’m not comfortable I’m sorry,Tiwari says I trust you I mean in other matters I don’t but in this case I insist,Vibhuti says ok I will get wet with her,but in return Anita wants to go masoorie and I don’t want to,Tiwari asks why,vibhuti says who will enjoy rains here,Tiwari says right,Vibhuti says so go with Anu to masoorie,Tiwari says no I can’t that’s not comfortable and it’s like crossing lines,Vibhuti says see the same reason applies here,you are cheap in all matters but this i trust you,Tiwari very excited and says yes I will enjoy masoorie I mean I will go with bhabhiji.

Anguri steps out in rains and starts enjoying herself,Vibhuti with umbrella walks to her,Anguri calls him to her,Anguri starts dancing,and splashes water over Vibhuti and sings song,and throws Vibhutis umbrella,Anguri calls him and Vibhuti tries to escape. Vibhuti over Pelu and says I’m enjoying but leave me bhabhiji I can’t,Vibhuti gets down Pelu and acts as if nothing happened,Pelu hands him note which reads a slang,Vibhu says please not this one and leaves and says bhabhiji looked so beautiful in that dream,it starts thundering and Vibhu says bhabhiji let’s make dream come true.

It’s raining and Vibhu at anguris kitchen window eating corn, Anguri singing song.
Vibhuti says bhabhiji you are always singing about something rainy, Anguri say sinlike rainy season I eagerly wait for this,when I was kid,Vibhu says you still are,Anguri asks what,Vibhu say speaks continue,Anguri says I would enjoy rainy season the most,would swing a lot,eat berries,Vibhu says you were so naughty,Anguri says I’m still naughty,Vibhu says what are you upto this time,Anguri says I won’t leave tiwariji this time we will have fun,Vibhu says I’m sorry but he won’t join you because he is bore of you,Anguri gets upset and says don’t do this,and put things against him in my Brains,Vibhu says bhabhiji I’m not I fought with him for you, I said go enjoy with her,but he said I won’t my wish get lost,but bhabhiji you don’t worry I will have fun with you.

Anguri says no ways I will have fun on,y with Tiwariji or else I won’t and leaves crying,Vibhuti says I will find a new way but will enjoy with you. Anita on call with Meenal and says you are so lucky and my husband never takes me out Tiwari walks in and says he is useless,Anita says I will call you later and asks why,Tiwari says because h never cares about you,Anita says I asked why you came,Tiwari says bhabhiji I’m here with news but I don’t want you to be upset,Anita says then why did you come here,Tiwari says actually I’m confused,Anita says look stop pulling it and tell me I’m a strong women,Tiwari says actually vibhutiji doesn’t love you at all,Anita asks why so,he says because he doesn’t want to go masoorie,Anita says so,Tiwari says he said he doesn’t want to go with you,let her go alone,she is boring and irritates me,Anita says he said this,Tiwari says yes but I fought with him and said I will go with you,Anita says thank you for thinking about me and he wants me to go alone I will go alone,Tiwari says let me come I will take care of you,Anita say sim black belt and if I take you I will have to look after you,Tiwari says this bhabhiji never falls into prey.

Tilu tikka malkhan at tea stall,tikka says I have cold,Tilu says have a drink and you will be fine,happu comes talking on call and says send me bribe and I won’t tell your wife about your affair okay send tomorrow bye,Tilu says happu Singh you are so ba,Soyuz will never be forgiven.happu Singh says what did you say,and why are you still here,malkhan asks you have problem then take us home,happu says I have a solution there’s Ganges go flow in it,Saxena joins and says why troubling them,happu says I’m not they are,Saxena says you deserve it,give me contribution we are organising rain dance in colony,happu says me and money,Tilu says yes he takes money and doesn’t give anybody.

Saxena says you are right you three give me,tikka starts laughing,and says we already in rain dancing from this end to that,Saxena says I like it and leaves.happu says leave him and I warn you I don’t want you to see you at tea stall again with your bags, if I do I shall pack you three in these and throw away.

Pre cap : happu says do I look like an agent to finds you home,Tilu says I have an idea,and all three slap happu Singh.
Anita says Anguri this men thing we are fools and always try and get us in their talks,Anguri says you are right,Anita now we will show them we can enjoy without them,Anguri asks how come,Anguri and Anita leave in car.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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