Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari at home and anguri is telling him about her dad. Vibhu comes and says god knows why anguris dad made you his son in law. Tiwari says that you don’t say anything and stay out of this. Vibhu says its her dad that thinks this about you, Tiwari says he has married anguri and he and dad will see what to do. Vibhu says get lost and you don’t deserve anguri, Tiwari says vibhu that he doesn’t deserve anita. they fight and anguri requests vibhut to go or the argument will increase. Vibhu goes.
At tea stall a man is there with his dog and tells tika that the 1000rs he has to give instead he take his dog and let him go. Tika says what will he do wuth that dog. Vibhu comes and sits and says what happened and man tells vibhu that he is willing to give his dog

for 1000rs but this tika is not taking it, vibhu says what can the dog do? Man says he can attack any person who is his owners and his enemy just that he has to be shown that mans photo. Vibhu says okay and I will do a trail, vibhu shows the dog pic of tika and says this man called you a dumb dog and go and bite him. The dog goes behind and bites tikas ass. Tika is in pain and vibhu says that’s impressive, he tells the man to leave the dog and he will give the 1000rs to tika that the man has to give, man says okay and goes. Vibhu takes the dog with him in front of Tiwaris house. He shows him the pic of Tiwari and tells that this man called your mother a useless and who gave birth to a characterless dog like you, he also said that your family blood is dirty and even your house and so if u see him just attack him, vibhu tells the dog that Tiwari will be coming now and I will see everything from my balcony and best of luck. Vibhu goes in his balcony.
Tiwari there comes singing a song and sees the dog, he says that what a cute dog you are and I just saw a movie where there was a dog like you and are you from the same family? The dog is angry and it starts running behind Tiwari to bite him, Tiwari somehow comes inside anitas house who is dancing. Anita says don’t you have manners and I was dancing, Tiwari says what can I do and that dog was about to bite me and so I ran and came here. Anita says why are you so scared and vibhu comes and says he is a coward. Anita says the dog wont do anything and see how vibhu is brave. Tiwari says he will go and send the dog with a biscuit. Anita gives Tiwari biscuit and they go out, Tiwari goes near the dog and says please take this biscuit and go away for sometime as anita is here and he wants his respect to be up in front of her. Dog eats the biscuit, Tiwari says wow he ate it and will go now, vibhu there says this dog was bribed in just 1 biscuit, the dog suddenly charges towards Tiwari, Tiwari runs away. Vibhu there says good and bite him, anita says what is this and Tiwari is in difficulty and you are enjoying?
At home anguri is there and vibhu goes and tells her that he has a dog outside and its cute and she can touch it but Tiwari is scared f it. Anguri gets a call from Tiwari from a phone booth, he tells her that he is being chased by a dog ad he will come home in sometime just that he has called some men to take the dog away as they are dog catchers. Anguri says okay and be safe. There tiwari gives money to dog catchers and tells them to take that dog now. The 2 men go and are catching the dog when vibhu comes and says the dog is innocent and they cant take him, Tiwari says what innocent and it is biting me, anita and anguri come. Vibhu tells dog catchers that he will put their video online and complain to the police that they are catching dogs that are harmless. The men run away. Anguri touches the dog and tells Tiwari it is harmless and come here.

Precap: the star cast of great grand masti is there and they are promoting their film.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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