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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita thanks her friend n says next time when u meet i will tell u abt ur past life too. Doctor comes with anitas past life therapy diploma certificate, anita gets excited n calls vibhu, vibhuti says u doctor do u know I am very well educated from chapra university. Anita says forget it vibhu look at my certificate, tiwari comes n asks what is the excitement abt, anita tells him abt her diploma, towari says oh nice tell me abt my past life too, vibhuti insults him and both get into an argument, anita says forget it u to n look at my certificate.
Anguris father comes too see her, anguri gets very excited n asks why are u looking so tensed, daddy says anguri I dreamt that u will have those childhood trauma again so I came, anguri says don’t worry I don’t have them any more , daddy

says good take care n if u need me call anytime n ‘eaves.
Saxena tika malkha at tea stall, saxena has drawn a tattoo on malkhas hand , vibhuti comes there n sees it n says u useless people get out , while leaving they call him useless too, vibhuti says even I wish to have a tattoo, saxena says right jobless on ur hand, vibhuti slaps him n says draw grapes on my heart, saxena says come lets go.
Anguri singing ek hasina thi song, vibhuti comes there n says hello bhabhiji, anguri says just cooking, vibhuti says u have a romantic life ahead u n u are cooking, anguri says oh I dont see it, vibhuti says u need special eye n for now see this tattoo, anguri sees grapes n faints with a shout.
Doctor checks anguri, anita asks is there a good news, vibhuti says its impossible, tiwari says no its not, doc says the reason is something else, tiwari says she saw vibhuti before she fainted, anita says vibhu what did u say, vibhu says nothing I just said hello n she fainted, anguri wakes up she sees vibhutis tattoo n faints again, anita says god this looks serious issue.
At night anita tries her new perfume of grapes flavor, vibhuti says I like the smell, anita says I know u like grapes, vibhuti says I have surprise n shows her the tattoo, anita says oh I like it.
Amma on call with anguri, she says she is worried abt her health n asks to take care, anguri says no worries I use to have them in childhood too, amma says may be it’s a ghost or something take care. Anguri thinking abt ghost n shouts, tiwari asks what happened, anguri says amma said may be theres a ghost,tiwari says no theres nothing of the kind, anguri says then why am I fainting, tiwari says don’t worry I will make u happy look what I got u grapes, anguri faints, daddy wakes up scared n says oh this dream of anguri is having those childhood trauma again oh no, I have to go see my child, I am coming my child.
Tiwari consults doctor again , doctor says no idea, anita asks what did u do tiwari ji, tiwari says I did nothing,doc asks did u show her something, vibhuti says something she shdnt see what are u showing her, daddy comes out, tiwari makes faces, vibhuti says show some respect go see him, tiwari says this man, anita says go tiwariji show some respect.
Tiwari goes out n takes his blessings n tell him abt anguris condition, daddy slaps him, vibhuti n anita go out, daddy asks how is my daughter, anita says she is taking rest, daddy says she has been going through this since childhood , hearing song on radio daddy says this reminds me ,I was told by a baba that it may be a past life connection.

Precap:anguri telling abt past life says, I am going to take a bath at the falls n mangilal who looks like vibhuti the servant is hiding n watching me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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