Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update Phulwati ties Teeka rakhi.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu gets a call from Tiwari, Anu asks whats the music in the background, Tiwari says theres a big entertainment happening,in your house, Vibhu let it be you will be hurt,Tiwari asks who it is,Tiwari says Gulfamkali and Vibhu,i swear on ama,he is dancing with her and having fun, Anu gets angry and cuts the call.

Boys meet landlord, and says you dont have money for rent this month as well, Tilu says no we are here to talk about Phulwati, Landlord says me too, she told me about teeka, first i felt weird but now im fine,tilu and malkan say we are proud of you, landlord says im proud of my daughter and i accept it,phulwati please come here.

Phulwati comes with aarti, landlord says these three are ready, phulwati,phulwati ties teeka rakhi. she ties rakhi to tilu and malkan as well.

phulwati says you are my brother’s from today, landlord says and my son and i don’t like spoil child and so empty my flat and get lost. Prem leaving house tries to wake Gulfamkali,she says i don’t want to go I’m sleepy,prem says dont do this, Gulfamkali says please go bye, prem gets ca from his wife and he leaves.

Gulfamkali wakes up. Anu reaches Mishra house, she sees door open and walks in. Vibhu wakes up and says oh god Anu must be on her way and see’s Anu and says baby,Anu says yes done with your business,Vibhu asks what business, Gulfamkali walks out of bathroom and says your geyser isnt working, i had to bathe with cold water and greets Anu.

Anu says this business, Vibhu says i can explain,Anu says i dont need get out. Angoori asks Tiwari did he put the board and why does he look upset, Tiwari says its pandit Rampal,Angoori says why be upset, he is like your father, Tiwari says enough and amaji on that, Angoori says im warning you not a word against amaji. Boys homeless, Tilu reads the board Angoori devi hermitage, and boys walk in, Teeka asks Tiwari what is it, Tiwari says can’t you read, Angoori says its for needy and beggars, Malkan says we are and starts crying, teeka says we have no money, no food, no house. Tilu says we are thrown out of our house, Angoori says sad stay here, Tiwari says its not for people like you leave,Angoori says they will stay here.

Hapu on call, gets angry, he sees sweets on table and says let me have it but what if it has bomb, he gets another call, and informs i kept that sweet box,Hapu asks what is it for, he says it has sweets no bomb, i swear on my mother. Hapu opens the box and sees money in it, commissioner sees it and says this proves you are the biggest corrupted officer and i arrest you, Hapu runs away.

Vibhu scolds prem and says because of you im thrown out of the house now tell me what i will do, she threw me out of the house,prem says this isnt the first time,calm down, my wife ways does that, vibhu says tell me what should i do, prem says i will get you fake beard act as if you are broken down,Vibhu says then will she take me.

pre cap : Angoori meets vibhu, vibhu in fake beard. Angoori invites him to ashram, Angoori tells tiwari its vibhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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