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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari and vibhu dancing and meeting and calling each other best friends. Tiwari says vibhu dont ever go away from me or else i will die. Vibhu says he will never stay away from him but some people are jealous and want them to break their friendship. Anita says til yesterday they were not friends and suddenly they became friends? Tiwari says that friendship just happens. Then vibhu says yes and they are best of friends. Then they dance together on the song ye dosti hum nai todenge. Then anita says its all nonsense.
At tiwaris home vibhu goes running calling tiwari as kaccha baniya and he says where are u tiwari dumb boy come down as your friend has come. Anguri listens and says why is he calling tiwari this way? Vibhu says because tiwari is his friend.

Tiwari comes and says yes he is his friend and says this jobless is my best friend and they both love each other and cant live without each other. They both then hug and say bad phrases to each other. Then they say they are best friends. Then they sit on the sofa. Anguri goes to brjng food. By then vibhu tells tiwari that if he wont mind should he tell something? Tiwari says yes and vibhu tells tiwari that he got a wife more than his standard. Tiwari says even vibhu you have got a good wife more than your standard. They both laugh at each other. Then anguri brings food in 2 plates. Vibhu says they will eat in one plate. Tiwari says yes and says they are from now one soul two bodies. Then tiwari says from now they will also wear the same vest and undergarment. Then tiwari and vibhu look at each other and then laugh. Then they eat in one plate. Vibhu feeds tiwari and tiwari does the same.
At anitas house anita and anguri are talking. Anguri tells that they were enemies before but how did they become friends? Anita also says yes and says that before they never ate food without insulting each other but now without meeting they cant eat food. Then vibhu comes and says that it is friend ship and someone has once said that arch enemies are the best of friends and best of friends are arch enemies. Anguri says she never heard this. Then vibhu says they even wore each others rings. Anita says is this friendship or marriage. Vibhu says if a friendship had martiage then they would do that too. He then goes.
At home tiwari acts like having cold. Anguri comes and says she will call the doctor. Tiwari says a doctor cantcure that as it has been caused due because he cant stay away from his friend vibhu. Tiwari then tells anguri to tell anita to let them stay he hecause he cant stay away from vibhu. Anguri says yes she will tell anita to let vibhu stay at their home and she will shift to that bungalow. Tiwari says not that but let them both stay here forever. Anguri says she will try. Anguri goes. Tiwari removes the onions kept under his armpits. He says now something will work.
At anitas house anguri goes to convince anita. Anguri tells anita about tiwari. Anita says ohh and says even she did not see vibhu down since morning and he has been in his room. They go to check. There anita tries to wake up vibhu but he does not get up. Then anguri sees a letter in vibhus hand. Anita pulls it and reads it. Letter says that vibhu has taken sleeping tablets and he cant stay away from tiwari and so he will meet tiwari in heaven. Vibhu slowly opens his eyes to see and closes it again. Anita and anguri get scared after reading letter. Anguri checks vibhus heartbeat and sees he is alive. Then anita calls the doctor. Doctor comes. He tells that now vibhu is out of danger. He too takes part in the drama. Anita asks what had happened to vibhu? Doctor tells he had fallen unconscious because he took sleeping tablets but he is fine now. Then doctor tells he will give some tablets to vibhu and will say a mantra in vibhus ears. Anita says ok. Doctor says to vibhu in the ears that he is helping him in the drama and he will not open their plans and if he(vibhu) wants him to keep quiet then he should give him 2000 rupees. Then vibhu moves his head a little and says some words. Doctor tells anita and anguri that the mantra worked. Vibhu acts as if he got better and doctor tells that now tiwari is also fine.
At home anita is trying to call the head office of rampak soap. Anguri says why arent they picking the call. Tiwari comes and sits on the sofa. Vibhu comes and then tiwari and vibhu hug each other and dance. They then sit together. Anita tells she has given a registration fee of 5 lakh and she doesnt even know the address. Vibhu and tiwari look at each other and smile. Then happu singh comes and tells that he has got this man from rampak soap. Anita says this was only the man who came last time to inform them about the bungalow. Happu singh tells that this man is a fraud and he dupes people of money after giving them offers. Vibhu and tiwari then maintain a distance. Then happu singh tells that he will put this man in jail and her money will be given by evening. Happu singh goes. Then tiwari tells anita that how could she make deals with such people? Anita ells vibhu only bought all those soaps so she thought they should try their luck. Tiwari then says that vibhu is dumb and she should understand. Then vibhu gets angry and tells why is he calling him dumb? Tiwari says he is dumb and jobless and characterless. Vibhu pulls tiwari by his collar and tells that first look at yourself and he is such a kaccha baniya. Then tiwari throws vibhus ring and vibhu throws tiwaris ring and they tell each other not to enter each others houses ever. They both go away. Anita tells anguri see this is what their friendship was.

Precap: tiwari puts on a new perfume. He sees anita looking at him sensuously from her door. Then anita is dancing near tiwari sensously on a song. At home anguri is stopping tiwari from going to office and she pushes him on the bed. And they both are making some noises. Vibhu looks at this and thinks what is happening.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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