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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,tiwari comes to meet anita and asks her how is she and anita says tat i m not ok vibhuti has made my mood off and tiwari asks wat happen pls share and anita asks wat is humor and tiwari says tat making someone laugh and anita says correct making some one laugh without hurting their emotions and tiwari says right and anita says tat vibhuti was saying making fool of some one is actually humor and tiwari says vibhuti has no knowledge how do u handle him u should leave him and anita says wat r u talking and then tiwari says i m sorry but then tiwari says tat i think vibhuti has no sense of humor as he was laughing on a non sense joke told by anguri and anita says he laughed on joke he never did when i told one and then tiwari says come sit i wil tell u wat joke she told

and then tells tat an ant fainted once and ask y and anita asks y because she gave blood to elephant and anita says wats wrong and then tiwari says tat i will tell u one joke and he tells during divorce husband says before this lets have some sweets and starts laughing and anita gets upset and gets up and says tat u find this funny wat if u r getting divorced to anguri u will ask to have sweets first and tiwari says no bhabhiji and says i will leave i have to go to shop and runs out
He stands near his house entrance and thinks tat anita bhabhi got upset i really have to get to know this sense of humor and then vibhuti comes out laughing from his house and tiwari asks wat were u doing at my house and vibhuti tells tat anguri bhabhi just told one joke and it was very funny so i m laughing and he leaves and then tiwari decides ta this time i will laught at whatever joke anguri tells and goes in and calls anguri and asks her y was vibhuti here and she tells to hear my joke and then tiwari says tat ok tell me also and anguri denies saying tat u scold me and tiwari says no this time i will laugh and then aguri starts telling the joke and she starts laughing before telling the joke and then tiwari says she started her accelerator and asks her to tell joke and she tells tat once Elephant faints ask y coz ant said in elephants ears tat he is her step son and tiwari tries to laugh but he could not and shouts at anguri tat tell me joke tat u told to vibhuti and she says i told this joke only and then he says this is a joke nonsense and shouts at her and then anguri says to tiwari tat u don’t have sense of humor and goes in
Tiwari then goes to teal stall where tika and malkhan are doing time pass and saxena is reading a book and tiwari asks saxena wats up and he says tat i m studing about sense of humor as i have to give a lecture on it and then tiwari asks him to give some tips and saxena says tat u really look like an owl and then everyone laughs and tiwari says wat nonsense r u saying and saxena then says tat ur problem is tat u r taking humor seriously u should laugh and then tiwari gets angry and slaps him and saxena says ii like it
Vibhuti is talking to his friend Choudhari and says tat i will say love u to bhabhiji she is very nice and comes anita and asks about whom r u talking and he says bhabhiji and realises tat its anita and says tat ur bhabhiji to his friend and then says i will call u later and hungs up and anita asks so wat were telling ur friend about me and vibhu says tat so someone wants to here good about self and then says tat i was saying tat ur very nice and then anita says so sweet of u and says i love u and vibhuti says lets sleep and says love u too and then anita says tat vibhuti i will tell u one joke and tells One boy tells a girl wherever u go in this world i will smell u and the girl says are u a dog and she laughs and vibhuti just comments it was funny and smiles and then anita says tat iwill tell u really funny joke and tells Once a mother in law says to her daughter in law tat cant u see the stones in rice and daughter in law says tat u have 32 teeths cant u bite these 3 stones and laughs and vibhuti just smiles and says good and says i will sleep now nd anita thinks tat may be i don’t have tat sense of humor and sleeps
Next morning anguri is watering plants and and says tat tiwari doesent likes my joke and comes vibhuti and says tat i m not fine to anguri as i could not sleep as anita spoiled my night by telling bad jokes and then he asks anguri tell one joke and make his day and anguri says tat i have stopped telling jokes as tiwari does not likes it and vibhuti says don’t do it tiwari does not understand anything and tiwari comes in gallery and says to vibhuti don’t teach anything to my wife and vibhuti says tat u have zero sense of humor and tiwari says not i u have and then vibhuti says tat u laugh at vulgar jokes and they both start fighting verbal saying tat u r vulgar and then anguri asks them to stop and she goes in and vibhuti says bhabhiji pls do not stop telling jokes pls
Later tiwari meets saxena and asks him tat give some tips on having sense of humor and he tells tat start laughing and making fun of others and saxena leaves and comes hapu singh and tiwari asks hapu singh wat happenand he tells tat some one robbed his purse and Tiwari is laughing and saying tat this is the biggest joke tat the wallet of police man got robbed and then says tat wat will the thief will think when he will get to know tat this wallet belongs to a police and laughs loudly and hapu singh asks him not to make fun of it and then tiwari says tat ur wife is pregnant from last 9 months even this is funny and starts laughing and then hapu singhs gets angry and says tat how could u make fun of a police now i will arrest u and tiwari says tat i was just joking and hapu singh says tat now u sit in jail joke as much u want t and asks him to sit on the scooter

Anita tells anguri tat we wil exchange our jokes and see how our husbands react and anita is seen telling joke to vibhuti she says Ant is finding her tooth brush guess where does she finds it in elephants bathroom and anita laughs and vibhuti gaves no expression

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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