Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th April 2019 Written Episode Update Najuk likes Tiwari(Kaddu)

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Najuk arrivez at Tiwari house, Uncle asks why are you late, Najuk says i insulted pilot and hurted him. Uncle introduce her to Vibhu(as tiwari) and Angoori,Najuk insults them both. Uncle says don’t feel bad that’s her habit,vibhu says her names najuk but she doesn’t look delicate from anywhere, Tiwari walks to them,uncle says meet him he is kaddu.vibhu says kaddu dont you see guests are here, get them snacks,Najuk says Kanpur is famous for Pani Puri lets go kaddu, Angoori says ill Accompany,najuk says no only i shall go, Angoori says lot of work is pending here, vibhu says don’t worry,kaddu go with najuk quickly.

Najuk leaves with kaddu. Angoori in kitchen crying,vibhu says calm down, and dont loose the character,uncle can come anytime, Angoori says okay but

what if he marries najuk, Vibhu says what if destiny wants that, Angoori says i wont let that happen,let whatever happen. Daddy walks to them through window and asks all good, Angoori tells him situation and asks for help, Daddy says i cant if i did he will ask for money and also my land papers are with him.vibhu says uncle concentrate on land Tiwari we will manage,Angoori says enough Tiwari is important to me,Daddy says okay okay i will manage.

Najuk and Tiwari at Pani Puri stall,Najuk asks do you like it,Tiwari says i dont, Najuk says do a thing stand there with mouth wide open, Tiwari does so,Najuk starts aiming Pani Puri in his mouth.Boys in jail, teeka says im very hungry, and burps,teeka says im hungry order some food, Hapu says shut up and be there, firstly you insulted commissioner,teeka says we are helpless we are uttering truth, Saxena says they are right and tells about the experiment. Boys curse Saxena, saxena request to release the boys, commissioner agrees. Teeka says sir you should go arrest Vibhuti and tiwari for fooling an old man.

Angoori says to Vibhu im so scared, vibhu says calm down darling, Angoori says enough of this im worried for Tiwari, that najuk shouldn’t agree, Vibhu says no one will choose him, he is ugly and useless and Najuk is forwign return calm down, Angoori says but what if ahe agrees. Najuk and tiwari get back home. Najuk says daddy i liked this ugly kaddu, and he is shameless and useless i liked that,i want to marry him, Angoori says leave him you can’t marry him, uncle asks why, Vibhu says we are cool, Angoori says quite, the problem is he is my husband tiwari.Uncle says this servant your husband, angoori says all is lie, and reveals the truth.

uncle says bhuri has to repay for this give me my 14 lakhs back, daddy walks in and says heres 14 lakhs with 2 lakhs interest, angoori asks how did you manage, daddy says sold an old property and uncle you can leave, Najuk says daddy i like vibhu too i will marry him, Vibhu says im married,boys walk in and tell the truth. saxena says uncle slap these liars.uncle and Najuk slap saxena and leave.

Tiwari on call with Gupta for business, and asks to pay him his money back, Tiwari very furious, Angoori walks to him and says my nose ring broke, tiwari asks how did it break, Angoori says it was old and so it broke, vibhu hears them argue, angoori says look how old it is, it can’t be repaired get me new one, Tiwari denies,vibhu says how useless this man is,angoori says i asked for something after so long get me, Tiwari says theres so many more jewellery use them go, and if you need now not possible wait, Angoori asks for right away, Tiwari scolds her, Angoori gets upset and leaves.

.pre cap: Uncle says vibhu i bought nose ring for your aunty and she didnt like it, so i thought of giving you, Vibhu gifts it to angoori and says anu sent it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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