Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti says Anu where are u going,Anita says Delhi for grooming classes n I want house to be very clean n I want all mess to be cleaned n even the furniture,Vibhuti says u go n all be clean,Anita says yes even the terrace n the lawn, Vibhuti says Anu u going for one day n these needs two to three days I’m not a mission,Anita says u are useless n jobless n so keep shut n work,I know the moment I will be gone u will start fooling around with ru stupid friend prem Chaudhary,Vibhuti gets a call he goes aside n says Anita is going tomorrow I will talk to u later,Anita says stop fooling around n go work.

Next day Vibhuti thinking abt all the cleaning stuff n says what destiny I got clean Vibhu clean,a lady with ghungat comes n says shall I help u,Vibhuti says who are u n why help

me,she says I’m a beautiful jobless poor girl,Vibhuti says from no angel u look so,she says what to do I’m so beautiful so no one gives me Job, Vibhuti says what ur husband does,she says I’m unmarried n I need only place to stay n food n nothing else,Vibhuti says great join from today itself come I shall show u what to do.

Amaji calls Tilu,Tiwari says ama u taking Tilu along with u,Ama says yes ,Tiwari says u know ama I can’t sleep alone,Tilu says find a dog not me anymore,Amaji says I want no lady in this house take care of that come Tilu lets go. Tika asks Saxena do u feel like harassing girls,Saxena says no I don’t useless,Vibhuti comes n says wassup guys , Tika says how come u here no households today,Vibhuti says I have hired a maid,Tiwari says really how come n what’s her salary,Saxena says may be he works at her house in return,Vibhuti slaps him n shut up,I pay her 1000 Rs a month n she’s a classy maid,Tiwari says send her to me as well I need a cook,Vibhuti says u have no standards n leaves,Tiwari says how will I have food,Saxena says come to me I was a chef, Tiwari says good come to my kitchen,Saxena says sure I will.

Maid cooking, her lover comes near kitchen window ,she says wait honey let me put him down the glasses later u come,he says I can’t live with out u show me some moves,she says here u go n dances for him,he throws money on her as she dances,Vibhu comes from behind,she hides her gave again,Vibhuti says I have seen ur face what are u Doing here,she says my house,police raided on it so plz, Vibhuti says u fool leave from here,n says Gulfamkali plz leave,door bell rings,she says I guess it’s police,Vibhu says plz hide n checks door,it’s Anita.

Anita says why are u so scared n panicked,Vibhuti says I wasn’t excepting u,Anita says then who Gulfamkali,Vibhuti says Anu plz,n all ur household work is done,Anita says impressive how did u manage them to complete so soon,good now go get me coffee,Gulfamkali comes in with ghungat n says madam here’s ur coffee,Anita says who’s she,Gulfamkali says I’m ur new maid,Anita says I didn’t hire one,she says sir did,Anita says Vibhu u know we can’t afford this ,Vibhuti says she is free,she is poor n so needs food n house n so I allowed,Anita says look at her from where does she look poor,Vibhuti says I don’t know how,Gulfamkali says actually have u seen Satyam Shivam Sundaram same way my face is burnt.

Anita says ok what all can u do,Gulfamkali says I can dance,Vibhuti starts coughing ,Gulfamkali says I means I can do classical dance like if sir wants,anita says I will break his mouth if he asks to,Anita says ok u can work here n what’s ur name,Vibhuti says she is Anarkali,Anita says ok he is ur Vibhu bhaiya n I’m going to my room plz follow me Vibhu.

Saxena in tiwaris kitchen,Tiwari says wow smelling good wonder what he is cooking,Saxena gets paneer n phulka,n says I will give u here have it,Tiwari eats it his mouth burns in fire eating spicy food,Tiwari says stupid Saxena I need water what have u made this n slaps Saxena,Saxena says I like it I made this purposely for these Nice slaps,I like it.

Pre cap: Gulfamkali meets Tiwari says I was at Vibhutis house n now urs,Amaji enters an asks for water,Tiwari hides Gulfamkali but she sneezes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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