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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with , anita is worried abt vibhuti and says what must be vibhu doing he hasn’t eaten anything how must he managing, what will I do, phone rings, anita says this must be kidnapper and says plz leave my husband I will give u money, prem says bhabhiji its me prem,anita says what u want, prem says vibhutis phone wasn’t reachable so, anita says he is kidnapped why don’t u understand, prem asks who kidnapped that jobless person the kidnapper must be so mad, don’t worry he will be back by tomorrow, anita gets angry n cuts phone.
Next day, anita checks door if vibhu is there n sees tika n malkha on door, anita asks what are u doing, tika says we are here to meet vibhuti bhaiya, anita starts crying, tika asks what he is dead, anita slaps him n says vibhu is kidnapped,malkha

says we didn’t kidnap him,anita says u are my brothers why will u kidnap him, tika asks who kidnap him, anita says they took him n I couldn’t do anything, malkha wispers looks like he asked someone else to kidnap, tika says but he gave us money, anita says plz find him, tika says sure we will don’t take care.
Anguri n tiwari ask anita did she get call from kidnnappers, anita says no news, tiwari says may be he must be kidnapped for some other reason, anita asks like what, tiwari says I read somewhere that a party kidnaps men n sale their body parts, anita says plz tiwariji, phone rings its kinappers, and ask anita for money, anita says plz tell me where is vibhu, kinaper says give us 50 lakhs, tiwari says we will give nothing, kidnapper says this must be that lingerie salesman ask him to be quite or else he will be next on list, anita says I will give u money, kidnapper says send money from anguri bhabhi bcoz we know she will not show any smartness, anguri says yes yes I will come.
Anita says I will make arrangement of money, tiwari says bhabhiji I will make money arrangements, anita says but why will u, tiwari says bhabhiji afterall we are neighbors.
Vibhuti cries for help and finds the man under shawl beside him is saxena, vibhuti asks u here now lets make some arrangements to leave from here, saxena says I have blade with me we will escape don’t worry. Anguri takes money and says see goons I am putting money in this dustbin plz leave vibhutiji and goes away, the goons remove money from dustbin. Anita is worried and says I am so scared tiwariji, tiwari says keep calm bhabhiji,vibhutiji will be here soon,anita says I hope I am so scared, tiwariji says even I am worried for vibhutiji.
Vibhuti enters, anita rushes to her n hugs him, saxena hugs tiwari, anita says vibhu I love u, saxena says tiwari bhaiya I love u, tiwari slaps him, tiwai asks how did they leave u, vibhuti says why does that bother u, anita says vibhu he gave money to save u, saxena says oh we ran away before ur money reach,vibhuti says thanks saxena for that, anita says was saxen there too, saxena says no I kidnapped myself, anguri comes n sees vihuti says oh u here thank god, anita says vibhu if u were here half hour before we could have saved tiwarijis money, tiwari says no worries bhabhiji that money was fake, anguri says laduu ke bhaiya, I thought if kidnapper gets to know abt it, they will harm vibhutiji so I changed them to real,vibhuti says brilliant bhabhiji, anguri asks where did ladu ke bhaiya go, vibhuti says on floor see.
Anhuri drying hair in balcony, vibhuti sees her and says bhabhiji yesterday I fell down I was distracted by u, anguri says what did u say, vibhuti says I mean distracted my something, anguri says ok n leaves.
Anita gets a parcel, she finds a letter with it asking to guess the person, anita opens the parcel n sees a Chinese ladies photo, anita gets a call from her mom, anita asks who is this lady, her mom says its ur great grand mother, tiwari listens.

Precap: tiwari says bhabhijis great grand mother is from china and now I will use this info to please her, tiwari dresses himself into Chinese outfit.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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