Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: tikka malkhan Tilu join Vibhutis BBIA

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari thinks how can that halwa puri taste same which bhabhiji was eating,there is something fishy,may be vibhuti is lying,and laddoo go study,laddo says I’m just looking at my crackers,the door bell rings,laddo Opens the door and sees Amma at door, again she received shock,she looks at Tiwari in anger,Tiwari says Amma hairstyle,Amma slaps him and says didn’t I ask you to repair the bell,Tiwari says I did call electrician but he is busy,Anguri runs to Amaji and hugs her,laddoo enjoying twirais whacking,ama says Anguri you repair the bell,this donkey is good for nothing,Anguri says don’t worry I shall manage.

Amaji says I’m here because pandit ramphal called and he asked to donate this saree and jalebi to beggar do it first thing in morning,Anguri says sure

we will,come now let’s have samosas,and both leave,laddoo lights a bomb beneath Tiwaris chair and hides,hearing the burst,Amaji and Anguri rush out,laddoo starts laughing looking at Tiwari,Tiwari runs behind laddoo,Anguri says I gifted these,Amaji says good.

Anita asks Vibhu why are you late,Vibhu says baby I have a job at Prems,Anita very happy,Vibhu says I have a surprise,Anu says you have a salary,Vibhu says they pay on daily basis,Vibhu hands her a hanky full of coins and notes,Anita asks what kind of salary is this,Vibhu says the cashier didn’t had change and this would be easy to pay,Anita says okay but don’t get them it’s like you begged,Vibhu says cmon do I look like beggar,you insult me a lot,Anita says relax,I know you will never do this ,and you know I loved the halwa puri,prem had made it,so I sent,Anita says and rajma chawal too,Vibhu says yes Guptaji sent it,Anita says I thought you would send dinner too,Vibhu says duty hours over so and anyways I have to show a plot to a client bye.

Vibhu meets tikka malkhan and Tilu,Pelu sleeping on bench rests his head on Vibhu lap,Vibhu says so you guys have to perform and you don’t have to work at all,tikka says really what is this job,Tilu asks what’s the job,Vibhu says there are many ways,learn to use your own body,malkhan asks like,Vibhu say sjust keep sitting on silent mode or just go to sleep,tikka says really,Vibhu says off coarse,and you can sing too the worst the better,tikka says I like sleeping one,Vibhu says hard working boy,and it works on sympathy,malkhan asks what is this business we are hearing for first time,Tilu asks yes what is it,vibhu says begging,BBIA,beggars and beggars international association,tikka says all this,Tilu says why didn’t you get to point,Vibhu says you uneducated think this way but I’m educated and now it’s up to you,yes or no,I have many more boys,I’m gonna expand my business,internationally too.

Tikka says I’m in,Happu walks to them and asks what are you guys doing,Vibhu ignores him andsays we shall divide the areas,Happu says I’m asking something,tikka asks bhaiya timings,Vibhu says 6-10 jhakarkati then rail park then done,Tilu says then deal,and all leave,Happu says I was here how dare you ignore me.

Anguri watering plants,Vibhu the beggar walks to Anguri and says hello,Anguri asks who are you,Vibhu says beggar,Anguri says ok let me get you food,Vibhu says beautiful lady, all just give us food,no one asks what we want,I want love,Anguri gives him sarcastic look and says I can juts give you food,anyways you don’t look good,leave,Vibhu says I want love,Anguri says leave or else I shall make noise that you are Eve teasing me,Vibhu leaves.

Tilu tikka and malkhan begging,they see Tiwari and start begging and say my brother is having an attack please help me,Tiwari says why do I find your voice familiar to my servant,Tilu says forget that help us,Tiwari says go work why beg,Tilu says we are better then you, you don’t pay,Tiwari says what he told you,Tilu says yes also that you are a cheap man,malkhan pulls Tilu and sends tikka ahead and whispers just beg don’t get emotional,Tilu says he hasn’t paid me past six months I shall kill him,tikka starts begging Tiwari,Tiwari ignores them and walks to Vibhu and gives him jalebi,Vibhu asks what’s in this parcel,Tiwari says a saree I shall give a lady beggar,Vibhu says give me i shall give my wife,Tiwari asks what you have wife doesn’t she beg,Vibhu says no she doesn’t,Tiwari says ok and leaves,Vibhu asks Pelu to give saree and jalebi to Anita.

Anita wearing saree given by Tiwari to Vibhu and having jalebi and says Vibhu loves me so much,and he is doing something I’m so happy,and even now Meenal won’t say anything,Tiwari walks in and is in surprise,and thinks same saree and jalebi too.

Pre cap : Tiwari asks bhabhiji where did you get this saree and jalebi,Anita says Vibhu got me,Tiwari says actually this morning I gave a beggar this same saree,Anita says do you mean Vibhu snatched saree and jalebi from beggar,Tiwari says Vibhu can do this.
Tiwari sees Vibhu the beggar and says today I shall give him such a dish and the let’s see how will he give it to bhabhiji.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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