Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri singing in lawn in morning, vibhu comes and says where is Tiwari? Anguri says he has gone to ganga river to bath. Vibhu says okay so he will wash his sins. Anguri says yes and even u should bath in the ganga. Vibhu says anyway u must be bored without Tiwari? Anguri says yes. Saxena comes and falls on vibhu, vibhu says what are you doing? Saxena says I just had a big shock and I need 4 to 5 slaps or else I will die, vibhu says I cant as its not my mood. Vibhu says go now there are open wires at the street end, saxena says okay. He goes. Vibhu says to anguri lets watch a movie, anguri says no and I will watch with Tiwari and she goes. Saxena comes and tells that vibhu you fooled me and there is no open wire there. Vibhu says so what u are anyway mad, saxena

says yes I am. Vibhu says I don’t make a difference between fool and mad. Vibhu goes. Saxena says I will teach you the difference and I will take revenge.
At home anita speaks with Anurag on phone and says what u got a job for vibhu? She keeps phone. Vibhu comes and anita tells him that she got a job for him, vibhu says is it for a ceo in an mnc company? Anita says somewhat like that and tells that it’s a salesman job in a local cigarette company. Vibhu says what and for a university topper like me should I go for a meagre salesman job? Anita says yes and go now, vibhu says no I cant and it’s a disgrace for me. Anita looks at him angrily and says go right now, vibhu gets up and goes.
There at the carom board prem is playing and vibhu comes dressed as a salesman and sits with prem and tells sometimes this anita does too much. Prem asks what did she do now? Vibhu says she forced me to go in some cigarette company for interview of a salesman. Prem tells tea stall owner to give tea for vibhu. Saxena is there, he give money to the tea stall owner and adds some tablets in vibhus tea and tells man to give it it vibhu. Vibhu takes tea and drinks and says its tastes good.
At night vibhu wakes from unconsciousness at gulfam kalis house, he says where am I? gulfam says with me. Vibhu says oh my god and this is a lie and why am I here? Gulfam tells that since 10 hours you have been here and we had a lot of fun and don’t u remember anything? Vibhu says no and I have to go now and this should be a lie, vibhu gets up and is crying and goes. Saxena comes and touches gulfams legs, gulfam says you are the only man who calls me sister so I will always help u. saxena says thanks and says I like it.
At home anita is talking on phone and eating sandwiches. Anita says see don’t make jokes with me and vibhu hasn’t come home since morning and go and find him. Anguri comes and asks did u find anything about vibhu? Anita says I have called everyone and even happu singh but he is no where. Happu comes and says to anita that he could not find vibhu and he laughs, anita says just go and find him. Happu says sure and I can find him from any corner and happu singh starts bluffing about his stories of finding people. Anita says just shut up and I haven’t called you here to boast and go and find vibhu. Happu says I will write the report first, anguri says do that later and first find vibhu. Happu says okay. Vibhu comes home and says what is happu doing home? Happu laughs and says he came in seconds. Anita says u shut up, she says where were you vibhu and since morning I have been crying and even called your friends. Vibhu thinks how do I tell them that I was at gulfams house? He tells that I was trying to save a kid from being trafficked and some goons held me and made me unconscious and I was at jhaparkati street lying unconscious. I came from there. Happu says you were fallen on the street and there is not a dirt sign on your body? Vibhu says I was unconscious and go and ask the goons if u have the guts. Anguri says no he doesn’t have. Saxena calls home at anita house, vibhu take the call. Saxena changes the voice and says u were lying to your wife right that where u were since 10 hours, vibhu says who are you? Saxena says I know u were at gulfam kalis house I know that and wait and watch what I do. Vibhu is scared, saxena keeps the phone, and says wow what a voice and with my new sim card I will destroy vibhus life. Anita asks vibhu who was it? Vibhu says it was the goon who made me unconscious. Happu eats the sandwich, anita says wont u do anything about the goons? Anguri says he wont. Happu says yes I will.
Next day in morning, anguri is singing in lawn, vibhu comes and says you sing beautifully. Vibhu says I would sing it different and says how are you? Anguri says I am fine and how are you? There saxena comes out in his balcony and sees vibhu, he calls him and tells I know that u were with gulfam kali since 10 hours, vibhu is scared and comes aside. Saxena says I made a video of you and gulfam kali and I will show it to anita and the whole city. Vibhu says please don’t and I will do whatever you tell me. Saxena says go and just trouble and tease the woman behind you, vibhu says what and that woman is a very good woman and I cant. Saxena says okay I will release the video right now, vibhu says wait and I will do it.

Precap: saxena tells vibhu who is at home on the phone that eat a chewing gum, vibhu eats and chews it and said by saxena. Saxena tells now go and stick it in your wifes hair right now. Vibhu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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