Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dad asking vibhuti whether he also likes someone else other than anita. He says yes n says she is very innocent n sweet. He asks did he tell her? Vibhuti says no he hasn’t n tried to tell her but she doesnt understand. Her dad says that he should take that girl to a side in a corner n kiss her n then let her know about it that you like her. They both drink. Tiwari comes in the room n hears dad n vibhuti laughing n talking to each other very nicely. He peeps from his window n sees them n says that dad is a big one n says he doesnt talk to me properly but talks properly to vibhuti as if he is his son in law. He turns n finds angoori standing behind him. He takes her to the window n shows her. She takes him to the room n says that i think you should apologize

to him. He says no i wont apologize to him. He always insults me n now he will insult me infront of anita also. She says i feel that this time he will forgive you. So you should apologize to him. He says ok if you want that i should apologize to him n get myself insulted infront of anita then i will. She says yes i want this. At anita’s home they are having dinner n anita says ohh uncle you are very funny. Vibhuti goes on giving drinks to dad. Dad says when angoori was born the doctor didn’t take charges because she is very innocent n sweet. Anita says yes that angoori is sweet. She asks him what does he do? He says i do the business of sarees. He says angoori wear all sarees from my factory. She says yes i always compliment her sarees. Vibhuti in excitement says that if any saree goes on angoori’s body it ll look fabulous only. They both look at him with a stern expression. He says even anita has nice figure so she also looks good in sarees. Angoori comes calling her dad. Anita n vibhuti say come have dinner. Dad also says i was waiting for you from long says come have dinner. She says daduu n hesitates a bit. He says what happened why are you hesitating. She quickly calls tiwari and tells that he is going to ask u for forgiveness and dad will forgive u. Dad gets angry. Tiwari comes in n apologizes to her dad. Dad gets angry n says that you undergarments n vests business person get lost from here. He says you are a burnt bull n says you are a liar n good for nothing go from here. Being in a drunk state he insulta him more n more. Tiwari says that how can you say this to me n says atleast dont insult me infront of anita. Anita says i agree uncle that tiwari is cunning, evil n smart in cunning ways but after all he is your son in law n whats the problem in undergarments business, please forgive him. He says no i wont forgive him. Vibhuti gets happy n insults tiwari a bit. Anita asks him to stop it. Tiwari says in mind that i think everyone wants to insult me today. He saya to angoori that i have heard enough of it n had enough of insults n lets go from here. She also gets upset n he keeps on insisting that lets go lets go. Then angoori says daduu but he shouts n they both go away from there running.

At night, while sleeping tiwari is crying n angoori says dont cry. He says are you happy now n says see how much your dad insulted me n says now anita n vibhuti will call me burnt bull. She tries to make him sleep n make him quiet n says anita wont say anything to you. He days but vibhuti will start calling me bull from tomorrow itself. Vibhuti shouts twice you bull n tiwari says he couldn’t even wait for tomorrow n is calling from now only n cries more. Angoori shouts that he is my husband n dont vall him bull. Vibhuti shouts i am sorry. Angoori says see he saud sorry dont cry now mad(pagle). He says looks at her n she sleeps. He keeps weeping. Anita n vibhuti are sleeping n dad comes n knocks the door n says that call vibhuti. She wakes him up. He says what happened. He says i am not able to sleep alone downstairs so can i sleep between you both on your bed? Vibhuti tells anita n she says no our bed is weak n he says no problem i ll sleep down n insists. Vibhuti says no you come dont worry i ll arrange for you. Anita says uncle was in full preparation to sleep here. Vibhuti says are you scarex to sleep alone? He says no i am used to sleep with my wife from 30-35 years so i cant sleep alome. Vibhuti makes him sleep with one pillow between his leg n other in his arms. He says assume this is aunty n sleel. Dad says ohh nice n says where will you sleep? He says i ll sleep here down. Dad says get a small drink for me n vibhuti goes n says yes n signs as drunkard. He comes out of the house n breaks the glass of dad’s two-wheeler. Pellu sees it n looks at him n smiles n goes.

Next morning, dad comes out after bath n does puja with water to sun n sees his two-wheeler’s glass broken n goes to see n says which kid did this i wont leave him. Vibhuti comes from behind n says kid didnt do it. Its done by a big man n its planned. He says tiwari did it n saya at night i was having gas so vame out for a walk n saw him doing thus to remove his anger. He says he even abuses you behind your back n whispers in his ears the abuses. Dad says that he did this i wont leave him n says but angoori is happy with him even more than before n she looks even more healthy n happy than before. Vibhuti says its not healthy but its swolleness n says tiwari tortures her a lot n even hits her. Dad says why didn’t she tell him n vibhuti says that she hides n i caught her twice being depressed. Dad hears tiwari shouting at angoori in background. Vibhuti is smiling n smirking.

Precap: Tiwari says to angoori that warrant has come for him. She gets happy. He says its a arrest warrant. She says what n they both ask happu that who is this shameless person who has filed a FIR againsta tiwari. Happu says your father in law n your father. They both get shocked n surprised.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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