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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu and dad sitting in balcony and drinking alcohol. Vibhu says why did u do this mistake and give anguri to dinger when they were small. Dad says i did not know and my father did it. Vibhu says i will cut that dingers hand if he even touches anguri.
Dad says why are you doing this for me? Vibhu says i am doing this for anguri as i love her. Dad says what and you kove her and if i would have met you earlier then i would have had you both married. Vibhu says thats nice. Tiwari also comes there drunk. He says i also love anita. Vibhu says wow thats good and they all start laughibg. Dad takes tiwaru on his lap and starts kissing him on the cheeks. They all are drunk and laughing. Anita comes up and says what is this happening and you all are drunk. She calls anguri.

Anguri looks at them. Anita sayscome here and take tiwari ji home as he is too drunk. Anguri says okay.
Next day at the tea stall tika is there and dinger comes there. He asks tika where does anguri live? Tika says she lives on the 6 no. house and what is your work? Dinger says he is her husband and goes. Tika is confused.
At anitas house. Dinger sees no.6 and enters the house. He sees vibhu anita and dad. He tells anita that so you are anguri and come with me i have come to take you. Anita says she is not anguri. Dinger says so father in law even you are here. He tells vibhu that you are her husband and get lost and i am taking her. Vibhu says she is not anguri and she is anita. Anita then shows her childhood pic and asks do i anyway look like anguri? Dinger says no and says then where does anguri live? Vibhu and dad says we dont know. Dinger removes gun and points at dads head. Dad says she lives in the opposite house. Dinger says good and goes.
There at anguris house he rings the doorbell and gets a shock. Anguri opens and says what? Dinger says is there any anguri living here? Anguri says yes i am anguri. Dinger says i am your husband and i have come to take you. Anguri says go away and i am married and i will not come with you. Dinger says is this guy your husband? Anguri says no tiwari is my servant. Dinger says okay come with me. Anguri says no and go away or else i will break your hands. Dinger says okay i will go now but will come again.
Dinger goes and rings the doorbell of anita next day. Anita tells vibhu and dad that this dinger is very dumb and can be manipulated by women. She opens the door. Dinger says you know anguri right? Anita says yes. Dinger says i told her i am her husband and she didnt come with me and please help me. Anita says you should make women laugh and then they will be impressed. Dinger says okay and i will tell her a joke and if she laughs i will take her with me. Anita says okay and tells him go now. Dinger goes. Anita tells vibhu and dad that see what happens now. She tells anguri that dinger will tell you a joke and dont laugh at it at all.
At home dinger goes and tells anguri that anota told me to tell you a joke and if u laugh you can be mine and if u dont then i will go away. Anguri says oh is that so and come on tell me. Dinger tells a stupid joke. Tiwari says dont laugh in signs. Anguri looks at dinger blank.

Precap: dinger tells dad that be ready to give farewell to your daughter.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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