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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu taking uncle at tea stall. Uncle asks pelu whether he will drive auto in london. Pelu goes without saying anythinh. Uncle says why didnt he say anything? Vibhu pushes uncle and tells come lets go. Uncle looks at vibhu. Vibhu says sorry and they go.
At home tilu is on the sofa and talking to girlfriend. He tells her when my arrogant boss goes you come home we will play. The bell rings. Tilu shouts at tiwari and tells open the door. Tiwari comes and looks at tilu speaing on the phone. He hits him and slaps him and tells that dont act snart and this is my house and go get lost or oepn the door. Tilu goes and opens the door. Anita comes in and sits. Tiwari welcomes her. Anita tells uncle has come so i am staying here. Tiwari says yes as you wish. Then anita

tells tilu to make coffee. Tilu tells he would have made it but he doesnt know how to make coffee and tiwari knows it very well. Anita tells tiwari make coffee. Tiwari looks angirly at tilu he gets up and goes after kicking tilu on his ass.
At night vibhu and uncle are drinking. uncle says where is your wife? Vibhu says in the front house. Uncle says what? Vibhu says i mean there is a house infront of this house from where she has gone to her moms house 10 km away. Uncle says so tell she has gone to moms house. Tiwari who is in his balcony comes and calls baby and darking loudly and saya come here. Vibhu gets angry and says you dont have this right. Anita comes and says dont overact tiwari. Tiwari tells why she is my wife and i can call her by this. Uncle says to vibhu that why are you overreacting and she is his wife so let them be. Tiwari says yes. Then he tells anita lets go and have food. They go.
At night everyone is sleeping. Vibhu gets up and says i want to check out on anita and he goes.
At home tiwari is sleeping down in the hall with tilu. He thinks i should see anita sleeping and i will feel very good as she is ony my bed in my bedroom. Tiwari gets up to go. Tilu says come back. Tiwari says you arent sleeping? Tilu says no and mom and anguri have told me to keep a watch on you. Tiwari says i was just checking if anita is fine. Tilu says so late at night? Tiwati kicks tilu and tells who are you to ask me? Tilu says i will give a call to mom and then she will only ask you then. Tilu sleeps and tells you also sleep. Tiwari feels angyr but sleeps.
There vibhu enters the room of anita. Tiwari comes and sees from the door. Vibhu comes and tells anita that you are here and i am there and i am feeling lonely and lets romance. Anita says here? Vibhu says yes and then they both romance on a song and then sleep and cover themselves with the blanket. Tiwari feels angry and says what is this i am seeing. there uncle who had been searching for vibhu sees all this and gets angry.
Next day vibhu comes home and uncle asks where were you all night? Vibhu says what do u mean? Uncle tells i saw you romancing with anita and i am not going to give you a single coin from my estate. Vibhu says please listen and tells at night he doesnt know what happens because he walks and dances in sleep and next day comes home. Uncle says do u think i am a fool? Vibhu says it is the truth.
There vibhu goes at tiwaris house. Tiwari says what happened? Vibhu tells he came to meet anita. Tiwari tells you keep on spreading badness and s*xualty everywhere by doing eveything at night. Vibhu tells romancing wuth your wife is bad? Tiwari says i do it at my house but you did this in my room so shut up. Anita comes and sits. She tells what happened? Vibhu tells that uncle saw all we did yesterday and now he is saying he will not give me any estate. Tiwari laughs and then says this you should not have done. Anita tells tiwari my head is paining bring me coffee. Vibhu smiles and tells for me too as tiwari goes.

Precap: vibhu tells anita if he is in the jail then he will come to meet her then too. Anita tells she will come in the jail herself to stay with him. Vibhu asks how? Anita says by killing tiwari. Uncle comes to tiwari and tells about that night. Tiwari tells we can do 1 thing and tells tell vibhu to tie a rakhi to anita and make her a sister.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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