Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu at tea stall with tika and malkhan. Tikas lips are swollen and vibhu asks what happened? Tika says he went to say a movie ‘pyar karehi pagli’ and in that movie actually by till end comes every ciuple hugs and romances in theatre. Vibhu says yes and thats good then what happened to your lip? He says he got struck by someones head. Vibhu says okay and thinks in mind he will go with anguri for this movie. Saxena comes and pushes aside tika and malkhan to make way for anguri. Anguri goes. Then tika malkhan call saxena and tell them why did he push them? Saxena tells because they did not make way for anguri and were anyway doing senseless talks there. Tika says you insulted us. Vibhu tells tika and malkhan that bash him up and he insukted you. They raise

their hands but get beaten by saxena and saxena goes saying i like it. Tika and malkhan look at vibhu angrily, vibhu goes. Tika and malkhan go singing a song.
At home anita is on phone with meenal. She tells that a new movie ‘pyar karegi pagli’ is there and couples will surely hug each other after the movie. Anita says thats nice and keeps the phone after telling her that she will go to watch that film. Anita tells vibhu about the film and ethy will watch it. Vibhu says why and i dont watch such stupid films. Anita says what is stupid in it and vibhu says it is as anyways whole day you stick to me. Anita says i dont stick to you whole day and we will watch this movie.
At home anguri is in kitchen and vibhu goes to ell anguri that he is going to book tickets for movie ‘pyar karegi pagli’ and they can go. Before vibhu says they can go saxena comes and holds his face and pulls him out. Anguri goes in as she gets a call and says to vibhu what are you saying i dont understand. Saxena tells vibhu to go.
Anguri takes call and its tiwari and tiwari tells how are you? Anguri says wow you called and how are you and when are you coming. Tiwari tells he will come after the work is done and tells her that stay away from strangers and saxena is doing his properly right? Anguri says yes.
Saxena is outside the house guarding it and he gets a call on his phone. Its vibhu from the telephone booth and says i am tiwari. Saxena says what happened to your voice? Vibhu says i ate ice cream after drinking hot tea so it is a bit heavy and vibhu tells so how are you doing your work saxena and dont let anyone near anguri. Sxena says i am doing it properly and no one is coming near anguri just that vibhuti is trying to come near anguri and talk to her so i threw him away too. Vibhu says that why did you do that and he is our neighbour and allow him to talk to anguri. Saxena says but tiwari you only told me to keep him away and bash him up if he comes near. Vibhu says yes i told but now allow him. Anguri comes out with phone and tells its tiwari. Saxena thinks even here it is tiwari and here too tiwari. Saxena takes the phone. It is tiwari and tiwari tells saxena to keep vibhu away from anguri and if he comes near then bash him. Saxena says yes and gives phone to anguri. Saxena then tells vibhu on the other phone that he is not foolish even though he is mad and he knows its him and get lost and if he comes near to anguris house then he will beat him. Vibhu keeps the phone and goes home and thinks i should do something.
He dresses as a woman in burkha to go and talk to anguri but in midway a goon tourbles him. Anita comes and beats the goon and even happu comes. Goon runs away. Anita tells vibhu who is dressed as woman that happu will leave you home. Vibhu suts behind happus scooter. Anita goes home. Happu sees that the hands have hair and tells vibhu to remove the cover. Happu sees its vibhu and tells him get lost and why you are doing this? Vibhu says he was testing the police if they are good at their work. Happu goes.
At night vibhu tells anita that he will remove 3 tickets for the movie. Anita says but why 3? Vibhu tells that even anguri is there as she will feel alone and lets take her. Anita says okay lets take her and i will tell her tomorrow. Vibhu is happy.
Next day in kitchen vibhu is making breakfast. Anita calls anguri and tells her to get ready and come as they wikl go for a movie. Anguri says okay i will come. She tells saxena to stay at home and guard the house. Vibhu is happy and he says to himself that only i and anguri will go and i will add sleeping pills in anitas glass of juice. Anguri comes home. Vibhu takes 3 glasses of juice out for everyone. They sit and chat and anita says lets go but vibhu says we still have time and lets drink juice till then. Anita gets a call from meenal and anita is saying she is going for the movie today. As anita is talking on phone she plays with the glasses and exchanges all glasses. After keeping phone vibhu gives anita and anguri juice glasses. Vibhu takes the one in which the pills were added. They all drink and as vibhu is talking he suddenly feels sleepy and says i am feeling sleepy. Anita says this is your drama and you do this always when we have to go out and now an extra ticket will be left and what to do. Vibhu says i am not doing drama. Tiwari comes and says we 3 can go for the movie snd kets go and let vibhu sleep. Anita says okay. Vibhu says sleepy that he wants to come. Anita says no you sleep and we are going. They all go and vibhu falls asleep.

Precap: landlord comes and tells anita he has to sell the house as he is compelled to do so. Tiwari screams and anita and vibhu are sad. Vibhu tells anita tiwari and anguri that ethy will plan something and as buyer will come to see house at night we will create a ghost story here and scare them and they will never buy the house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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