Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anguri is sitting in hall singing song and vibhuti comes in and he says tat she says really well and the song is also nice from where it is and anguri says tat this is song from the theater music tat used to play and vibhuti says tat tats really nice and asks anguri to pls tell him the story of play and anguri says tat the name of the theater play is Sayian ka mucche the hero in this play has long moustaches and the heroine used to hate these moustaches and one day while taking water from the well and she fells down and the hero then sacrifices the moustaches and saved the heroine and so I also like the moustaches and I choose tiwari because he has long moustaches vibhuti then asks y does he has short moustaches anguri tells tat ladu use to hang on these moustaches

and it used to pain him so he cut short the moustaches and then anguri says tat y don’t u have the moustaches it will suit u and vibhuti says tat I had moustaches but anita doesnot like it so I have to shaved it and anguri says ok but I think moustaches will look nice as the moustaches are the sign of a man kind and vibhuti in his mind says in short bhabhi said tat I m not a man
Anita is talking on phone to her friend asking her not to choose a boy as husband who has moustaches and says tat I actually hate man with moustaches and so I asked vibhuti to shave also when I see someone with moustaches I feel like pulling it out and tiwari listens all this conversation and shouts anita hears it and hungs up and asks him to come in and tiwari is hiding his moustaches and anita asks him wat happen and he says tat he heard ur conversation and so he is hidin the moustaches and anita says yes its true I don’t like it and so I have asked vibhuti to shave it and tiwari says y didn’t u asked him to shave his eyebrows and anita says I have problem with moustaches and beard and tiwari then asks do u also have problem with my moustaches and anita says yes I do have I hated it when once having dinner at ur place u ate tat raita all ur hair of moustache in it and hearing it tiwari feels akward and leaves while anita laughs
Tiwari comes home and stands in front of mirror and curses for having these moustaches as anita likes the one witout it and comes in anguri and asks wat r u saying and tiwari lies tat he was saying a movie dialogue and anguri then makes him sit on bed and asks to say some more dialogue and he then says forget dialogue aren’t u bored seeing me in this same look for so many years and anguri says no I like seeing u like this and he says I was thinking to do some change in my look and then she says ya sure increase ur moustaches and tiwari says no I was thinking to match with this generation so I was just thinking tat if I shaved these moustaches and anguri shouts in anger tat don’t u dare think of it I will hate u for this nad leaves and tiwari then thinks how do I make happy both anita and anguri
Vibhuti comes home and asks anita how does he looks and she says really very handsome my husband is best looking man in world and then vibhuti says he was thinking to make a change in him and anita says tat its good tat u r thinking about ur own improvement I tell this to my students in grooming classes and vibhuti then says tat he was thinking to have long moustaches it will look cool on him and anita gets angry at it and says how did u think this u know I hate it and just never think of it and leaves in anger and calls him in room and he goes behind her saying tat ya I love u
Vibhuti goes to tea stall he sees saxena there tika there is experimenting to apply fake moustache and he says to tika tat if u did well make up I will give u a job in Mumbai and tika gets happy seeing this vibhuti comes and asks wats all this and saxena says tat I am an actor I play a role of mental man in movies shoot in Kanpur and so ii have applied this fake moustache and tiwari also comes there and sees all this vibhuti and tiwari both get an idea tat vibhuti thinks tat he will stick these fake moustaches to impress anguri while tiwari thinks tat he will shave the moustache and apply the fake one for anguri and then both of them thank saxena and leave

vibhuti is waiting for saxena and he comes from behind and vibhuti says tat where were u all day I called u and saxena says tat he was busy in shooting he told u he just came after pack up the people there were giving me false shock I asked them to give true real shock so they went to the mental hospital of agra and brought it for me and then saxena asks wat did u want from me and vibhuti says tat he wants the fake moustaches from u and saxena asks y and vibhuti lies tat anita wants to see me in moustaches and then saxena gives him moustaches and vibhuti asks for th gum to stick it saxena gives it and then says to vibhuti tat pls ask bhabhi to handles the moustaches carefully as they are priceless and vibhuti slaps him hard and there comes tiwari seeing him vibhuti in his mind say tat has tiwari caught me tat I m buying fake moustaches.

Vibhuti is trying to remove the sticked moustaches in bathroom and anita is asking him to come out fast and asks have u took ur mobile inside and vibhuti says no and he is struggling to remove the sticked moustaches while tiwari is hiding his mouth and anguri asks wat wrong and tiwari says his moustaches and anguri shouts wats wrong with ur moustaches

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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