Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari and Anita walking under umbrella in heavy rains and signing old songs,a child looking like Vibhu rushes to them,calling Tiwari papa,and goes inside the house,Anguri shouts leave my hand,and blushes,Tiwari says ok ok go change its late,Anguri says no it’s not late and look it’s romantic out lets go have fun,Vibhu trying to reach Anita and is worried for her,Anguri and Tiwari come out,Tiwari says see if we get wet we will fall sick let the whether get more romantic and looks at Vibhuti is worried and asks what’s wrong,did bhabhiji throw you out,Vibhu says you don’t look good at least talk good.

Anguri asks what’s wrong,Tiwari gets scared,Vibhu says bhabhiji, anita hasn’t reached home,I tried calling her, all her friends,Tiwari asks did she leave

you and go,Vibhu says why will she what reason she has,Tiwari says did she go to Meenal and someone,Vibhu says look im already worried don’t stress me out.

Anita gets out of a car,Vibhu says where were you and why didn’t you pick the call,Anita says at meenals place and I was driving,Tiwari says bhabhiji new car,Anita says where is my fate so good,anyways this is meenals,she is in masoorie with her husband and Vibhu we will drive masoorie in this car, a mad man comes shouting don’t go masoorie all will die and leaves,Anita says park the car and get my car.

Tikka malkhan at tea stall getting wet,malkhan says because of even tilus landlord threw us out,why did you flirt with his daughter,Tilu joins them too and says this is all because of you two,even I’m thrown out,Saxena comes singing and asks them reason of being here,tikka tells him,Tilu says because of you two and your dirty character I’m thrown out,Tikka says Saxena bhaiya can we stay at your place,Saxena says sure but I have made too many wholes on my terrace so that my house fills with water and I can drown in the water.

Tiwari Anguri Anita Vibhu enjoying snacks and tea in rainy weather,Tiwari says it’s fun and refreshing snacking in this weather,Anita says it’s more fun when we have this tea on hill,Vibhu says it’s risky to drive on hills we here about landslides and all,Anita says even Meenal is there did anything happen to her,Tiwari says let’s have fun here bhabhiji,Anguri says yes even I have planned to have fun with Tiwari, come let’s go have fun look rainbow,Tiwari says no it’s not,Anguri says I had seen once in town but here I haven’t,Saxena joins them,and says I’m here to collect contribution for rain dance party,Tiwari says but water is free of cost,Saxena says what about food drinks,Gulfamkali performance we need money for it,Anguri asks what’s the amount,Saxena says 509, Tiwari says no I won’t,Anguri says give me your phone I shall call Amaji,Tiwari says ok ok here you go,Saxena says Anita Bhabhi.

Anita says sorry we are going masoorie,Vibhu says but do come home in case we cancel the plan,Anita says no need we are going masoorie,Saxena says okay have fun.
The mad man shouts again don’t go masoorie all will die,Saxena says uncle how are you,I don’t see you anymore at mental hospital,he says I will join soon,bye take care and leaves.

Happu sees three men at tea stall and asks who are you,tikka shouts who the hell are you,happu kicks them ,and says oh it’s you go home,tikka says we are homeless,malkhan says please take us home with you,happu says you three shameless men never,and what are you doing here,malkhan says we shall spend night here,happu says no ways get up,all three leave teasing happu.

Meenal sharing weather details with Anita,Anita says just book my room,me and Vibhu are coming,Vibhu comes out and says we arent going,Anita says car I’m driving expense im paying,Vibhu says all work I have to do,so the holiday is tough on me,Anita says ok I will go alone,Vibhu says look it’s very dangerous road,Anita says big deal,you should be happy you will get rid of me,Vibhu says you think so,Anita says yes you bored of me and so you runaway from me,Vibhu says Baby when have I ran away from you,Anita says I need excitement you have no interest in my wishes,Vibhu says so you think I don’t care,Vibhu says I do everything you ask what else do you need,Anita says what special you do for me,not even a single candle light dinner,Vibhu says baby lets go tonight,Anita says how about in masoorie,Vibhu runs back to kitchen, and says what if we die in ghats there won’t be any candle light dinner ever,Anita says so we will die together and leaves.

Vibhu says women,I want to be with bhabhiji here,but my god,Anita walks to him and says i asked you to cook masoor dal,but you we are going masoorie and leaves,Vibhu says I think she will take me to masoorie.

Vibhu says Panditji,have you heard about rain water allergy,can tiwariji have it but bhabhiji wants to enjoy rains and you have lot of respect of bhabhiji ,Panditji says what plans you have,Vibhu shares a plan, Panditji says I’m not fool only for 2000 I will do so, Vibhu says done ,he says first money,Vibhu says here’s 1000 later after work done,Panditji says do give in time or else I will reveal your plans and goes.

Tikka malkhan join Vibhu,Vibhu says I wanted to bless you but you two are good for nothing,tikka says give us nothing but place to live,malkhan says yes we are in bad condition,tikka says in this rainy weather please help us,Vibhu says has mad dog bitten me,tikka says let it bite but let us in,Vibhu says and turn my house to a bar,and says take tea bill from these guys and leaves,malkhan says such Shameless man.

Tilu walks to them and says my boss also denied he is most irritating man,malkhan says tikka it’s bit sunny today we shall sleep well tonight,it’s starts rainy just above tikka malkhan and Tilu,they change their position,tikka says look it won’t rain here,they get back to the bench and it starts raining there.

Pre cap : Panditji says Tiwari you can’t get wet along with Anguri bhabhi in this weather,just with Anguri bhabhi.
Tiwari says vibhutiji can you make me a favour can you please enjoy rains with Anguri,Vibhu imagines himself having fun with Anguri in rains.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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