Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anguri is not able to sleep and she is crying says tat anita and vibhuti were so good together y did they get separated and tiwari says tat y r u still awake the party is over and anguri says tat but they both love each other and they should not get separated and then tiwari says tat vibhuti is jobless so anita may be does not like him and then angurii says no I don’t believe don’t u remember during our marriage and tiwari says wat and anguri makes him to get up and sit and then anguri tells tat even my father asked me not to marry u as we do business of sarees and he does business of undergarments but I said to my father no matter I love him and I want to marry him and then tiwari says tat y r u remembering the past and then anguri cries and says wat if one day

we will get separated and tiwari says y don’t u talk like this will never happen and anguri says tat if we get separated I will die witout u and tiwari says no this will never happen
Next morning tiwari decides to first call anita bhabhi while anita has packed her bag and she is decided to leave the house and go to her fathers place and then will see wat happen further as she cant stay here with vibhutis memories and she gets call from tiwari and he tells anita tat vibhuti has consumed poison and anita gets shcked run towards the entrance and mean while tiwari also calls vibhuti and tells tat anita has consumed poison and vibhuti gets shocked and run towards the main door both come face to face and ask each other are they ok and we need to go to hospital and vibhuti says to anita tat not I but u need to be taken to hospital and anita says no u need to be taken to hospital u should nt have done this and tiwari brings anguri in gallery and show him tat anita and vibhuti has met and then tiwari tells tat it was I who lied and anita shouts at him y did u lie and anguri says so tat u two can come together and then vibhuti says tat I used to think tat u r a very bad person but really u r a good person and then anita says to vibhuti y did u wanted and divorce for such a small reason I would have come to running and then vibhuti says tat u sent me a notice first and anita says tat someone told me tat u wanted a divorce and vibhuti says it’s a lie who the hell did told u this and they look up and tiwari acts like he is getting a heat stroke and goes in with anguri and then anita says to vibhuti it dosent matters who told as now we are together I missed u so much and then anita says ya I missed u too so lets go home and there are utencils to be washed so pls go and vibhuti goes in
Anguri is sitting and making grains neat and she hears the thundering and gets happy thinking tatthe rains are going to start and there comes vibhuti and says I have brought these umbrellas u can choose wat u want and anguri says no thank you tiwari has already brought from me as he actually hate rains and hates seeing anyone else also get wet in rains and vibhuti asks don’t uu like getting weight in rains and anguri says ya actually I love it but I haven’t been in rains as tiwari does not likes it and the phone bell rings so anguri goes in to pick up the call and vibhuti follows her its amajis call and amaji tells anguri tat rains are going to start now and anguri asks so u will get wet in rains and amaji says yes definitely u should get wet in first rains as it cures from small illness and anguri says goo u should go I cant go as tiwari doesnot likes it and then amaji tells anguri tat I the high court I m ordering u tat u should go and get wet in rains and then they hung up and anguri happily tell vibhuti tat amaji has given her permission to get wet in rains and vibhuti gets so happy tat he says if amaji was here I would have kissed her and anguri looks at him surprised and confused and vibhuti leaves
While he reaches the gate of his house he starts imagining tat its raining and anguri is dancing in rains while he is singing song for her and then saxena is pouring water on him and vibhuti asks him wat is he doing and saxena tells tat I was calling u from long time but u didn’t replied so I put this water on u and then vibhuti realizes tat there is no rains he was just imagining and he then slaps saxena for pouring water on him and saxena says I like it and he leaves

Anita is doing yoga and tiwari comes and she gets scared and Tiwari says tat I have brought fresh samosas from kalva and anita says tat I don’t eat outside food in rainy season and then tiwari asks wat do u like to eat in rainy season and anita tells tat I like onion pakodas and tiwari say so i will bring it for u and anita says don’t u remember tat I don’t eat outside food and then she says it will be so nice tat its raining and I m having onion pakodas and ginger tea and tiwari in his mind thinks tat may be anita bhabhi is indicating tat I should make onion pakodas for her and anita asks where have u lost and tiwari say tat I remembered an incident and she asks wat incident pls tell me and tiwari tells tat once anguri has gone to amajis place and I had guests at home and I have prepared for them onion pakodas and if u want I can cook for u and then anita says tats nice but only when there are rains and tiwari says ok the deal is done


Tiwari says to anita tat soon come with me and I will cook onion pakodas for u as rains are about to come and then vibhuti is seen with anguri and he shows her tat rains have started and then asks her to lets go and get wet and they go down and then tiwari is seen lighting the gas but he cant and anita tells him tat oh god vibhuti has forgot to book the gas as it has over

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. It is nyc show.tiwari,anguri,bhabhuti,anita plays very gd drama in this show.
    IIIIIIIIIIIIIII likeeeeeeeeee it………….

  2. It is laughing show ………it’s gd.

    POLICE ETC ETC ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE U ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    keep it up.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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