Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with saxena speaking in womans voice and says i love vibhu. Vibhu says no she is lying, anita asks then what is the truth? Saxena says oh wow anita is there and vibhu too saxena tells dont talk to your wife and come today evening at my house and i love you. Saxena keeps the phone and says i like it. Tiwari keeps the phone. Anita says what is the truth vibhu? Vibhu says that actually there is no such girl and he only spoke in the voice of girl. Everyone look at vibhu. Vibhu says i will bring coffee and goes. Anita says sorry to anguri and tiwari. Tiwari says its ok and episode ends.
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Vibhu goes at tea stall. He sits on the table. Tika and malkhan come running playing catch catch and they surround vibhu and play there and go running. Vibhu says

what are these idiots doing. Then vibhu is removing wallet when he sees his wallet has vanished and he says who took my wallet because today i bought money in it. Then he says oh tika and malkhan have robbed it and they created confusion and took it. Tika and malkhan come and sut on the table. Then tika removes 1000 rupees and tells malkhan that see this is my hard earned money and half of it is yours and other is mine. Malkhan and tika are happy. Vibhu gets up and says so give me my wallet back which you took away by creating a scene of confusion. Tika tells they did not rob it and this money is his hard earned. Vibhu slaps both of them and tells that give me now. Tika gets up and says till now he has played cards and teased girls but never been a thief so dont say this. Happu singh comes and vibhu tells happu all about the robbery. Happu singh slaps both tika and malkhan and tells why did you do it and give the money and wallet back. Tika says he has not done it. Haldirams son comes and gives wallet to vibhu and tells anita gave it and goes. Vibhu looks at the wallet. Tika malkhan and happu singh look at him. Vibhu says i am really sorry and hugs tika and malkhan and goes.
At anguris house anguri is putting lipstick and vibhu sees her and says a romantic phrase and then goes in. Anguri says what happened? Vibhu says nothing he just came to meet. Anguri says i will go and make tea, vibhu says no its ok and anguri says anyways i have a lot of work to do so i cant make it. Anguri goes in the kitchen and vibhu sees the lipstick and goes to take it but anguri comes and takes mirror and lipstick and goes in and says you still did not go so i will make tea. Vibhu says to himself that he will take that lipstick as he wants to feel anguris lips.
At night vibhu goes in anguris and tiwaris bedroom and takes the lipstick. Anguri starts singing in the night. Vibhu hides beside the bedroom. Tiwari switches on the light and wakes up anguri and tells her she is singing. Anguri says oh i did not know and she says i will go and bring water. Tiwari then sleeps back. Vibhu is going down the window when tiwari sees him and screams thief vibhu hits him and tuns away. Anguri comes running and tiwari tells her there was a thief. Vibhu gets down and saxena who is standing at his house door sees vibhu and says oh so this is the thief and says i will see you tomorrow vibhu.
In the morning vibhu is sitting at the dining table and sees the lipstick. He says so i will finally feel anguris lips and he puts the lipstick on his lips. Anita comes and says good morning. Vibhu hides his lips with hand and anita comes and says make coffee then she says why are you hiding lips and vibhu tells my lips have dried so he is hiding them. Anita says i want to see it and she pulls his hand and sees lipstick on it and tells what is this? Then she cries and says that is why you are not romancing me nowadays. Then vibhu says no its not that and his lips had dried and he sid not get lip balm so he put her lipstick and it feels good now. Anita says oh its that and she just got scared. Then anita tells listen what happened and tiwari has called police because a thief came at his house yesterday night. Vibhu says what he complained in police. Anita says yea and that thief should be caught then she goes. Vibhu says what will happen now?
At home happu singh asks tiwari and vanguri questions on the robbery. Tiwari tells that an undergatment and a vest was robbed and anguri explains how it looks. Happu singh laughs at tiwari and says anguri knows everything. Saxena comes and tells that happu singh can only take bribe and he knows who robbed. Tiwari and anguri ask please tell us. Saxena says no. Happu singh says tell or else i will give you 3rd degree treatment. Saxena says i like it and says give me that treatment and i will tell u. Happu singh takes saxena to police station.

Precap: happu singh tiwari and saxena go at vibhu house. He opens door and asks who do u want? Happu tells i am taking you to jail.
Anita says vibhu cant be thief. Happu singh says i cant do anything as i have got vest and undergarment from vibhus room so he is a thief now. Vibhu is scared and shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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