Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tika and malkhan at tea stall. Tika tells malkhan that he always wanted to be an actor when he was young and he wants to work in a movie. Malkhan says he wanted to be an actor too, malkhan tells tika look at your face you wont be an actor ever with that black fat face. Tika punches malkhan in back.
At home anita is there, she tells vibhu that she is a fan of jackie shroff and if he came to our town she would be so happy. Vibhu says he is not your friend that he will come here. Anita says she wished he was. There anguri is in kitchen and vibhu comes. Vibhu says you look beautiful while singing, anguri says what? Vibhu says nothing I asked ho are you? Anguri says I am fine. Vibhu says that’s nice and says he is a good actor and says a dialogue from a movie.

Anguri praises him.
There jackie shroff actor enters after beating some goons. He comes in town in auto. Everyone is following him. As they come down, everyone with happu singh escort jacki shroff into vibhus house. Jacki sits and tika malkhan vibhu tiwari happu singh and pelu sit. Jackie says so I have come here for a person who can act in my movie with me and I need him for a role. Tika and malkhan say we are very big fans of yours and please take our audition please. Vibhu says yes they are poor lads take their audition. Malkhan says a dialogue from jackies movie. Jackie says that was not entirely good but still good. Tika says shut up malkhan that’s not how a dialogue is said and he goes and says a dialogue from amitabh bacchans movie saying hey I have bank balance,money property what do you have? Jackie says I have a lot of things but not your fat tire around your stomach, and look at you, the way you dress and what you have, say the dialogue on the basis of that. Tika says okay and says hey I have 2 pair of clothes, torn slippers and shirt and what do you have? Jackie laughs and says that’s what I was saying about. Everyone laugh. Happu says just sit down you dumb butts and you embarrassed yourself and I will give audition. Saxena says happu is a huge chirand. Happu slaps saxena and he says I like it. Happu goes and acts from jakcies movie, Jackie says that was good but you need body. Happu says the expressions were good? Jackie says yes but you need body. Happu sits. Tiwari says they are dumb and I know how to act. He gets up, saxena says sit down brother you are the biggest characterless person in this town, tiwari slaps saxena and he says I like it. Tiwari goes and acts a dialogue from dilip kumars movie. Vcibhu comes and says it should not be like that and it should be like I am a useless man and just make undergarments and earn nothing. Tiwari says shut up. Vibhu pinches tiwaris butt. Vibhu says I will act and says dialogue from dilip kumars movie. Tiwari says it should be I am jobless and live on my wifes money. Tiwari pinches vibhus butt. Vibhu says shut up and they both sit down. Jackie says both did good but he needs a heroine for his movie and is there anyone in the town? Tiwari says yes bhabhiji is there. Vibhu looks, tiwari says I mean your bhabhiji. Vibhu says yes, lets go. They both run and tell Jackie we will bring them. They go.
Jackie says till then you can show how you dance. Tika and malkhan says we will dance and they dance like mad people on a song. Jackie says okay too much adrenaline and says it was not good but okay nice your efforts were good. Vibhu and tiwari come with anita ands anguri. Anita and anguri go and stand. Anguri and anita says oh my god we are big fans of yours and we have seen all your movies. Anguri says yes I too and back then I went with my friends to watch you movies. Anita says yes I remember we used to do that too. Jackie says yes yes, he says I need an actress and can you both act? Anita says we will try. Tiwari says yes bhabhiji go do it and he whistles. Everyone looks at him. Happu says you are such a big characterless and why the whistle? Jackie says anyway start. Anita says a dialogue normally. Jackie says you need the feeling of it and just feel. Anita says I cant feel. Vibhu says baby you need to feel. Anguri says same dialogue and tries but without the feeling. Anguri says even she cant feel. Jackie says okay I will stand between both of you and then say the dialogue. He stands there. Anguri says the dialogue properly with feel and then Jackie anguri and anita dance. After the dance they all sit. Anita asks how did you come in bollywood? Jackie says director subhas ghai took me first from Mumbai streets and its all because of him. Anguri says your movies were always hit and even your son is in bollywood now and how do you feel? Jackie says its his hard work. Vibhu and tiwari ask what movie do you like from that time? Jackie says all romance and action films and even I have done many of those genres. Tika malkhan say can you teach us how to flirt with a girl in a good manner. Happu says you both are big faggots and says shut up. Jackie says I will instead dance with you all.
Everyone is escorting Jackie out as he has to go. Everyone start dancing like mad people and saxena is dancing too. He says I like it on being pushed by people while dancing.

Precap: no precap.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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